Mr. Moist Presents: I just blue myself

16 thoughts and reflections from my Monday

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1. On reader/writer efforts…

As academics, we are always trying to bridge some sort of gap between being an intelligent reader and a clear writer. We both read and write articles. In my seminar class, I am learning how to read articles to reap as much insight from them as possible, but also how to write essays that require the reader to do minimal work. Continue reading

When journaling becomes hazardous

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I write in a journal.

Actually, wait, that’s not accurate.

I don’t have just one journal. I have scraps of paper, I have pages in my reporter’s notebook that have formal interview questions for my journalism class on one page and near diary entries on the other, I have corners of math worksheets, I have a private Tumblr blog, I have Never Stationary, I have Microsoft OneNote, and I have three notebooks in my dorm room that at one point functioned as my primary journal.

But at this moment, I do not have just one journal. I technically have ~12. Continue reading

Mr. Moist Presents: Week 1

Reading the news should be more than just a phase!

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Even though I debated in high school, reading the news still felt like an obligation. I’d skim headlines, getting a vague idea of what was happening in the world, but I’d forget the facts after every tournament and only refresh myself before the next one, educating myself for the sole purpose of increasing my likelihood of winning. Continue reading

4 artists for when you don’t plan on leaving your bed

Love at first sight? BS!


Sabina Says: To EDM or Not to EDM?

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I love when bloggers put their heads together and clash over a topic, transcending the bare minimum that commonly results from blog collaborations.

Sabina from Victim to Charm and I reached some sort of compromise on spicy foods a few weeks ago, and this week, we touched on a subject very dear to my heart:

electronic dance music. Continue reading

Airports, and the way our lives barely overlap