Sophomore Spotlight #1: Do you really want to know what I think?

This Kid I Know: Natalie (Year 2)

This Kid I Know: Lisette (Year 2)

This Kid I Know: Shreya – Year 2

12119019_10208084493299460_4328647758249165588_nYou are comfort and warmth and reassurance and familiarity, right down the hall. – This Kid I Know: Shreya

Already this year, we’ve made so many meaningful memories, even if one of them is just us sitting in my living room and talking for four hours straight. We can’t seem to get enough of takeout from Joy Yee’s. Continue reading

October Music Favorites 2015


“Thank you @hermitude” – catdiggedydog

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Freaky Deaky Halloween

The occasion was Halloween, and the setting, Freaky Deaky Halloween in Bridgeview, IL. The night was cool, but the positive vibes radiating throughout Toyota Park were passionate, kind and warming. It was, in essence, a night to be remembered.  Continue reading

Mr. Moist Presents: Weekly last nice day of the year

How to write a music review

For those who want to describe music in a way that goes beyond just “this song is really good”, music reviews are the way to go. If you’ve never written one before, fear not, for here are a few tips for beginners, from a fellow beginner. Continue reading

Alina Baraz and the afternoon I truly listened to music

Mr. Moist Presents: Sanders//Cena 2016