A homemade breakfast makes me want to wake up

When you’ve been waking up as early as I have for school, camp, and whatever else I spend my time doing, very little motivates you to wake up and get out of bed in the morning.

Sure, you have ambitions and life goals, but these pursuits aren’t solely reserved for the early morning. In my case, most of the creative and productive work (mainly writing) that I accomplish happens in the evening.

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Hong Kong Travel Diary

Stay tuned for my Hong Kong food diary, coming soon on my food blog!

This August, I spent a weekend in Hong Kong. I met up with my friend Natalie, who showed us the best food and deals.01ab1bbdab81d5b997528f35638f86e1e267a7eb72

This travel diary contains an introduction to Hong Kong and its fast-paced lifestyle, basic transportation tips, haggling tricks, and more! Continue reading

August Favorites 2015

I spent most of August in China, in a constant state of culture shock and slight discomfort that naturally comes with being somewhere you’re unfamiliar. It was a life-changing trip, and I have a bunch of favorites to share.FullSizeRender 102


So fresh and simple, yet beautifully presented. I kept an open mind and tried anything and everything this past month, because there’s really no better place to try authentic Chinese food than in China. I ate eel, “drunk shrimp”, abalone and more (coming soon on my food blog). I’ll give anything a go before I pass any judgment. Continue reading

Letters to old friends about why we’re not friends today: Part 2

Need help writing college essays?

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~adapted from last year’s post~

Catherine was by far the most helpful and thorough essay editor I have ever seen. Not only did she help me refine my Common App essay, but she also helped me build upon my essay writing skills for future uses in and out of the classroom. It’s really all thanks to her that I’m going to college in the first place! – Tiffany Haas, Emory University ’19

Catherine offers thorough feedback on your essay writing, offering not only advice on syntax/diction but also on the ideas themselves. – John, Harvard University ’19

Catherine provides great feedback on every part of the essay, ranging from the overall topic to the small grammar mistakes. She presents this feedback in way that is both efficient and easy to follow. – Edmund Tian, UC Berkeley ’19

I felt that there was a fine quality in editing my essays in that each sentence was paid attention to in the finest of details. The method used was easy to follow and the revisions that were recommended to me on my essays were also easy to make. – Edward Xiao, NYU ’19

Whether you know me or if you found me through a web search, I might have something positive to offer you.

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Why do we tend to develop bad habits in college?

5 pieces of crucial advice for new bloggers

How to plan your blogging absence

I am energy. I am galactic. I am psychedelic. ॐ 

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So your family just booked a glorious trip to the Bahamas for two weeks, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to access wi-fi for who knows how long, and who even brings their laptop with them to the Bahamas?!

If you know you’re going to be away from your blog for a while, here are some tips and helpful ideas to let you plan your absence.  Continue reading

When admiration goes too far

July Favorites 2015

IMG_1663New Hair

Over the past year, I dyed my hair a bunch of different colors. By the time I came home for the summer, it was a medium-length cut with light brown ombré ends.

One night I decided to cut my own hair, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off 4-5 inches. My mom also had a pair of thinning scissors, so I used those too. Continue reading