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Mr. Moist Presents: being happy doing nothing

Sacha the “label snob” makes $10,000 buying and selling secondhand items

-a profile story I wrote for my journalism class-

Sacha talks about secondhand clothing the way a mother talks about her baby. She cradles the vintage Coach bag she bought for a fraction of its original price, and gently handles a $140 J. Crew coyote fur jacket, a piece she bought for just $4. Continue reading

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Mr. Moist Presents: dank sinatra’s finest

d6IRkAg - Imgur

source: imgur

My favorites:

Blank Banshee – Ammonia Clouds

GRiZ – A Fine Way To Die Ft. Orlando Napier

Bondax – Gold (Snakehips Bootleg)

Troyboi – No Substitute ft. Y.A.S

☠ DJ Grumble ☠ – Sometimes

SevnthWonder – Higher Love ft. Tokyo Megaplex & Stel Leo

coyote kisses – sunny day

A-1 – There I Go (Mr. Carmack)

A$AP Rocky – Goldie (Crisp’s It’s a Trap Remix)

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