Injustice…is an act committed everyday but seldom brought to light. Our community recently discovered a shocking act that made us all stop, think, and reflect.

It’s like this in every institution. The people are corrupt, each in their own little ways. They commit unspoken acts JUST AS bad as what had happened, but since the witnesses and/or victim knew how to stay quiet and not breathe a word, word never got out; justice was never served. It’s an act like this that happens every other day. We’re just surprised because well, I mean, it’s us. The chances of it happening to us were so slim that no one bothered to think of the consequences. We’ve got protection in the form of bribes; our status alone could help deter damage to our reputation. This is a never-ending cycle of injustice.

BAM – this situation startles everyone around us. They burrow underground like crazed groundhogs, keeping silent and wary for a few months. Then, they cautiously pop up out of their holes and when they see that the patrol has become less strict, they resume their unspoken activities, like the stupid little groundhogs they are.

I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve it, because he really does. He deserves to be punished, and I’m somewhat glad that this incident got out into the open. It warned other predators for a temporary period of time to stay out of trouble. Even though this effect is fleeting, any effort to raise awareness will help the cause.

I just wish that others could also be brought to justice.

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