Happy Wordless Wednesday!


      • tfaswift

        I don’t have an instagram I’m afraid, and not sure what that is. But when I have a bit more time, I shall look into it. Right now my dad is visiting for Christmas so I’m spending a lot of time with him. Only have time to continue with the Weekly Writing Challenge at the moment, but I shall find out what an instagram is as soon as I have a chance. :-)


  1. tfaswift

    Hi darling, I’m really glad you liked the Wordless Wednesday idea! Wish I could claim credit for it, but alas, I can’t. The person who thought of it remains a mystery and yet it is a trend that has spread throughout the blogosphere. Definitely suitable for those days or nights when writing is just not an option.

    I totally LOVE your pics! Each one is so different, and I have to say that, as much as I love nature, my favourites are definitely the spoon photo and the adorable snowman mug with marshmallows! Gorgeous! :-)


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