Thank You Not: The Yin and Yang Poem

               excuse me for believing 
        that if you say it, it must be truth - 
     truer than what I know       what I say, 
    what I think each and          everyday
   must be wrong, or flawed       in some sense
  what you've said - it's been disregarded
 who I am - I know. what I'm doing - 
must be right. what I believe - 
is mine own. thank you not 
 for your cruel slander, 
  incessant contempt - 
   it backfired. I'm       stronger 
    than ever, my       path is clearer 
     than ever         I know where I've 
      been and         where I'm going. 
        Found my         yin and my 
           yang - 
             thank you 


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