The way I feel tonight

Maybe its because I’m listening to emotional music –

The harmonic bellows of two amateurs

Fresh off the ‘tube

With more talent than everyone else –

Except maybe Beyoncé –


Their voices turning same-old pop songs

Into mellifluous ballads

Presenting the lyrics to me

In articulations, prompting reflection

And provoking thought –

Unfathomable, wretchedly sincere thought.

I’m a sucker for piano music.


Maybe its because the storm is roaring outside my window –

Distant thunder doesn’t distract or pull me away from my introspection.

Rather, it rumbles gently every few minutes or so

Causing my whole body to tremble

The blinds are drawn – I can’t see shit.

I can only hear the rain brawl outside my window

I can only feel the shudders of thunder,

Lightning striking down surrounding trees and

Leaving so many powerless.


Maybe its just me

And my tendency to overthink every word and

Evaluate every relationship

Combined with two stirring voices,

Merged with the quivers and shivers of the tempest outside,

That makes me reflect more intensely than usual today.


Tonight, I’m listening to Michael Henry and Justin Robinett, two truly talented singers. I encourage you to listen to more of their covers; they are breath-taking: 

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