The Midnight Reenactment of Middle School Love

Before I had said hi to you,

I knew you just through fantasies.

I watched you, infatuated, and asked myself:

What are the birds and the bees?


So then I slowly approached you

With nerves and wobbly knees,

What do I say? What do I do?

Someone tell me, please.


No one spoke up to say to me

That this wasn’t like the love movies.

Who in hell said that for you and I

This would be a breeze?


I “loved” you while forever ran

Or until the summer break began

We ate frozen yogurt and Chick-fil-a

In the back of my mom’s minivan.


Daydreaming about you and I,

A kiss – a peck – was the extent.

We knew nothing about locking lips

To my dismay, disgust, and discontent.


All the songs on the radio

Seem to scream your name

Want to and try to act like grownups

But still stuck in the middle – what a shame.

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