Midnight on Friday

Chapter One

Midnight on Friday,

While the curtain was still down,

Serena forced a finger down her throat

Olivia twirled in front of a mirror

Carmen tugged uncomfortably at her Spandex

Isabel massaged her swollen feet

Emily peeled off her face mask

Tammy let out her sucked in stomach with a huff

Yvonne touched up her powder

And the world snored, fast asleep.


Chapter Two

After the curtain rose,

Serena forced a smile while her throat burned

Olivia closed her eyes and tried to lose herself

Carmen sought to ignore the muffin top

Isabel stifled a grimace as she spun

Emily hoped that her remedies were really remedies

Tammy sucked in her stomach with all her might

Yvonne wondered if her forehead looked shiny

And the world stirred but continued sleeping.


Chapter Three

Long after the curtain had fallen,

Serena downed a milkshake with no concern

Olivia took down the mirror – for good

Carmen shopped for looser fitting shirts

Isabel switched out heels for flats

Emily ate avocados for glowing skin

Tammy laughed until her insides were burning

Yvonne learned to shine inside and out

The world slowly opened its eyes.

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