How to make a big decision

The picture…has nothing to do with the post. Wildcat! Wildcat! is just a band that I have been digging recently. I recommend “Mr. Quiche” and “End of the World Everyday” :)

Realize that some major change is inevitable, and it’s imminent; it’s going to require you to make an important change sometime soon. Whether the change will be initiated by you or it’s metaphorically etched into a calendar and planned for a long time, either way, it’s coming.

Contemplate the ways in which it’s going to impact your life. Your routine, your loved ones, your future, your goals.

Weigh the benefits versus the downsides. Literally write a pro-con list, and ignore just how cliché the whole thing seems. Let yourself daydream through endless lists of what-ifs and even-ifs. Allow your mind to convince yourself one way or another.

Lie awake in bed for hours every night, envisioning random situation. Let your imagination wander to depths unprecedented. Repeat in the passenger seat of a car driving home as the sunset slants sideways through your window. Repeat in the shower, repeat with dramatic music playing in the background. Repeat as necessary.

Ask your friends. Try not to tell them too one-sided of a story, and be honest with them and yourself about the pros and cons. Let them know any concerns that you have. Give them time to process your words, and then listen to everything that they say. Ultimately, however, take their advice with a grain of salt, and know that they haven’t known you for your whole life; they have their own best interests at heart. You are ultimately in control for making this decision.

Ask your parents. Look for their wisdom, their timeless sagacity. Take what they say with a grain of salt, because although they have known you for the entirety of your life, they don’t know what it’s like to grow up in your generation.

Ask your pet. Look it right into its beady eyes. Stroke its soft fur. Run your finger across their textured shell. Speak out loud, but make sure all doors are closed. Pretend to have an actual connection with your pet, and envision he/she speaking back to you, with nothing but words of wisdom. Sigh audibly, and pet it with a note of finality.

Ask yourself. Really, truly delve into your depths. Think about yourself five minutes after making the big decision. Five days? Five months? Five years? After a pleasant thought-provoking game of five, sit yourself down. Convince yourself in whatever fashion you normally do (for me, it’s writing) that whatever decision you are about to make may not be 100% true, but it is the best option available. If it hurts, tell yourself that you will thank yourself. There are other opportunities that you will never forgive yourself for missing otherwise. Before holding yourself to the decision, remind yourself:

No regrets. Fake it till you make it. I support you.


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