Remember this smooth coffee, this crisp biscuit

It will never be without weevils or sand

If you manage to return, plan to walk your dog

It won’t matter where your foot lands

That glint of silver in the sky’s not a jet nor a plane

With every sparrow overhead you feel yourself going insane

You do it for your nation, but you want to shoot your foot

The propaganda can’t make you forget the faces streaked with soot

Child’s play one day – murder, barbarism the next

Read for leisure turns into analyze the text

A car backfires and you’re suddenly a nervous wreck

Defense mode, camouflage, hit the deck

You used to stress over pimples and zits

But you thank the lord that you still have your arms

Playing sports and building forts – they’ve lost their appeal

The simple things – eating, singing – they’ve lost their charm.



  1. havendol

    I like how you captured the two worlds – the world of peace and ignorance before the world of hell broken loose and chaos.

    The disillusionment of what was once taught to a naive mind. War changes the mind and alters the soul.

    There are many strong powerful lines. I love this one in particular :

    “If you manage to return, plan to walk your dog
    It won’t matter where your foot lands”

    Nicely written. :)


    • catdiggedydog

      Definitely. As an 18 year old, I haven’t experienced that personally but we talked about it at length in my history class and I thought the concept was very intriguing. Thanks for reading :) I’m glad you enjoyed.


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