DMK Burger & Fish: Gourmet Comfort Food Makes Me Happy

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Crabby Patty, parmesan & truffle fries, #4

DMK! What does it stand for, you ask? No one knows! Just kidding. My guess is that it stands for David (Morton) – Michael Kornick, the co-owners of the DMK restaurant company.

From the outside, DMK Burger & Fish is a tiny little place that seats ~20; you’d probably miss it if you didn’t know what you were looking for. But it’s a full-service restaurant, complete with menus, cloth napkins, and even hooks on your table’s underside to hold your long winter coat when the weather outside gets frightful.

Theyare open for lunch and dinner, and also offer pick-up-take-out food! I imagine that a large portion of their customers just come in to pick up their food, since they make online ordering very convenient. That being said, I bet that their alt-indie music creates a nice vibe on weekends when the place is probably bumpin’. But my friend and I visited on a Tuesday during lunch hour and there were two other parties sitting down to eat. shrug

To go along with their tiny restaurant, their menu is also incredibly short and simple. Placing a focus on its gourmet burgers and seafood sandwiches, DMK B&F offers weekly specials like lobster burgers and a gingerbread shake, as well as a spiced “house ketchup” to amp up the genericburger joint experience.

There was also a section for fries, beer, milkshakes, and cheese-related foods (mac and grilled), and FRIES. Talk about comfort food made gourmet.

Our waitress listed the daily specials from memory! And less than ten minutes of ordering, our food arrived!

I got #4 ($9), which was a classic beef patty topped with “roasted hatch green chile, fried farm egg, sonoma jack, [and] smoked bacon”. You all know about my aversion to spicy foods, and my infamous tendency to always opt for mild salsa, so this chile was pretty spicy, but even those that do appreciate heat would find it mild and tingling. The egg yolk oozed just the way I like it, so that I could use the bun to sop it up afterwards. And best of all, that cornmeal dusting the bun left me looking like a coke addict!

My friend Natalie asked the waitress about her favorite seafood sandwich, and she suggested the Crabby Patty, which was equally as delicious. I could really see and taste the crab in that patty, and the burger didn’t just stop there with the nautical theme – it went full circle with mayo seasoned with Old Bay! $11.

We also split the parmesan and truffle fries, which were relatively expensive considering the portion size we received, but justified by the birthday occasion and overall lavishness. The presentation was spot on. The fries were sprinkled with green herbs and topped with super light shaved parmesan that had started melting from the heat of the fries. It was paired with a truffle cream on the side, which was super buttery and indulgent.

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