Spread Out Too Thin.

I’m ankle deep when I should be up to my chest

I want to immerse myself in you but I’m afraid

that I’ll lean in and find out that you’re nothing but an imprint

See, I’ve tried this before but I made a big mistake.

I jumped in too eagerly,

with all of my weight,

every ounce of faith.

When I gave up treading, I nearly drowned.

Oblivion filled my lungs, I sank and sank,

Now I sit half-submerged in the kiddie pool, toys abound,

distracting myself from the truth that if I want to enjoy this life,

I probably need to learn how to swim.

But more importantly, I want to know what it feels like

to float in a pool however deep,

confident that the water will support me, not drag me down.

Maybe I can just go and sit on the steps of the pool for now.

From Connor:

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