Favorite Soundcloud Mixes: Part 1

Here are some of my favorite Soundcloud mixes of all time. You can follow my Soundcloud here.

TroyBoi – BBC Radio 1 Mix – Annie Nightingale Future Stars 2015

Even though Troyboi doesn’t sing, I fell in love with his voice and accent the first time I heard him introduce himself on this radio mix. A mix of four cultures (Chinese, Portuguese, Nigerian and Indian), he says that he’s an “experimental genre fuser”, and this mix is definitely evident of that. It’s a delicate balance of his own creations, bass-heavy EDM songs, and traditional songs from the aforementioned cultures.

Look out for tracks from Flosstradamus, Sango, icekream, TNGHT and Stooki Sound.

Troyboi is one of the two celebrities I follow on Snapchat (aside from Jenn Im), so you can bet that I love pretty much anything that he puts out. I’ve listened to this mix DOZENS of times.

It’s difficult to pin down Troyboi’s musical style, or even compare him with artists with similar sounds, because his collabs, remixes and edits are all over the place, but somehow, each one is unique and intriguing in its own way.

Kygo – BBC Guest Mix For Diplo & Friends

Kygo’s tropical house vibe brings me back to every positive beach memory (The Bahamas, my Mexico cruise, my senior trip at Hilton Head, and beach dayz at Northwestern). I could sit on the sand staring at the water just listening to this for hours. In fact, I have.

His musical style combines the wavy elements of chillwave with bass-laden thumps. It makes you want to want to slow dance in a bathing suit on the beach.

This mix features his remix of Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”, one of his most popular tracks, as well as slow, happy takes on the works of Marvin Gaye, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and more.

Similar artists to Kygo include: Oliver Nelson, Klingande, and Thomas Jack

HYPETRAK Mix: Ta-ku – Drive Slow, Homie

I actually published an article on this mix through Thought Catalog!

In this Ta-ku mix, there isn’t much remixing at all, just transitions between different pieces. But that’s what I love about it. It doesn’t just sound like one continuous song. It sounds like Ta-ku made you a mixtape for your drive home from work.

The talent in this isn’t as much about the remixing as it is about the song selection itself. This mix is one big melting pot of slow beats that place a lot of emphasis on the background music rather than the lyrics themselves.

HSMF15 Mixtape Series #2: Djemba Djemba

I also wrote about this series on my blog.

This one’s meant to get you up and dancing, with both old favorites and unfamiliar tracks incorporated into it. I love it overall because of its mindlessness.

The mix starts out slow, with songs like Branchez’s “Truth”, designed to make your insides vibrate with that deep bass and that gorgeous female voice.

Swick’s “Full Court” is an exceptional transition song that brings different tracks, on different octaves, together through its effortless progressions.

Songs like Beyoncé’s “7/11” show how Djemba Djemba can incorporate pop songs into his musical style, as long as they have heavy bass.

Tim Gunter x BroBible present: Summer Melt 007 ft. Styles&Complete

Christina showed me this over the summer, but I wasn’t able to appreciate it much. It sort of just sat on the backburner until it came on Shuffle this morning. Once I found myself wiggling around in front of my mirror, I checked the track, and soon fell in love with this mix. The dirty bass gets me dancing real quick, and let’s be real: “STREET” by NGHTMRE is GOLD.

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