StéLouse: on stage and in the studio

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source: SoundCloud

You’d never guess that Ross Ryan, known by his stage name StéLouse, started out in a rock band.

The Denver native, who recently performed at Electric Forest in Michigan, took a few minutes to chat with me about his zest for live performance, his new music, and what he does when he’s not making new music.

My favorite StéLouse tracks have to be his Doja Cat flip, and his collab with Louis the Child on “Inside Out.” But don’t take my word for it – check out my StéLouse playlist from last year. It hasn’t been updated recently, but it has all of his oldies.

I first heard his Too Future mix with Prince Fox back in 2016. I was sucked in by the first song, but captivated by the tracks he wove in by Alexander Lewis and Sam Gellaitry.

I started out with an easy question.

“Who are you listening to right now?”

MURA MASA. Specifically, his new album that officially dropped last week. We compared notes on his track “All Around The World” featuring Desiigner. He also said he liked the song “Second 2 None.”

Ross also often listens to music that’s 20 or 30 years old and mentioned AFI as one of his favorite bands. When prompted about who he’d like to work with, he cited indie singers like Karen O from the late 2000’s band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Emily Haines from Metric and Brandon Boyd from Incubus.

His new single “Bones” with Dance Gavin Dance’s Tilian Pearson comes out in a few weeks.

Ryan has been busy performing for the past month or so and was calling from LA, anxious to get back into the studio and work on music.

He says he gets bored really easily, and can’t stick to the same style of production for long. He likes to get inspired and experiment with his sounds.

And even though he’s considered an electronic music artist, he likes to step away from DJing and instead, incorporate live music into his performances. Otherwise, he feels his shows sometimes feel more inauthentic.

“I don’t dislike DJing. I still like to do it sometimes,” he said. “I just miss playing instruments on stage and I miss performing with other people.”

He calls himself a “Renaissance man” that can play bass, guitar, keyboard and drums all at least decently.

In his free time he loves to travel, scuba dive and snowboard, but he still gets a lot done.

In fact, he says he’s sitting on a bunch of singles that are ready to be released throughout the next year, which will give him time to work on another album. He also mentioned a tour with a live band in store for 2018.

The last time he was back in town was February of last year, but there are rumors that he might be back later in 2017.

Ryan’s new single “Bones” comes out in a few weeks!

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