Sullivan King on his Lost Lands set, new Vantablack EP

sully 2.jpgSullivan King’s debut festival set at Lost Lands helped put him on many people’s radars, but this is just the beginning. The 23-year-old LA native caught bass heads by surprise with his punk and metal-infused set, resulting in a massive flood of support.

“Seeing how the crowd poured in, honestly, it was so beyond my expectations,” he said. “I really did think I was going to play a half-empty tent.”

Even to this day, Keaton Prescott receives tweets from people who still can’t get over his set, and are excited to see him at upcoming shows. He’s performing across the country with artists such as Black Tiger Sex Machine, Riot Ten and Dirtyphonics.

You might know his single with Riot Ten, “Fuck It,” that marries the bass-heavy sounds of dubstep and the intricate guitar melodies of metal music. DJs like NGHTMRE and Zeds Dead love throwing it out during their sets to incite some headbanging.

At Lost Lands, Sullivan King was competing with Spag Heddy and Funtcase, who were performing during his time slot. He wasn’t sure how many people would show up, or how they would react. Either way, he was prepared to play his original tracks, heavily inspired by punk and metal music. But the crowd swelled and embraced him.

sully 1.jpg“It was a high I’ve never experienced in my life,” he said. “That hour, at one point, felt like it was two minutes long. It was going so quickly. It also felt like it went on forever, because it was just the perfect moment with fans.”

As a metal dubstep producer, there aren’t many others who are carving out a space in the music community quite like he is. His performance garnered attention from both DJs within the industry as well as listeners both old and new, affirming the sound that he wasn’t sure if everyone would like.

Though he’s always lived in Los Angeles, he says that anyone can make a name for themselves anywhere by utilizing the internet.

“Get your following where you are, and then people will notice,” he said. “With the internet you can make noise absolutely anywhere.”

Sullivan King’s new EP with Dirtyphonics, Vantablack, comes out Friday on Monstercat.

The title track was released earlier this month, a rage-fueled banger filled with epic guitar riffs that beckons listeners to “try not to headbang.”

“We jammed out as if it was a band,” he said. “I walked in and was like, ‘metal?’ and they were like, ‘metal.’”

He’s always been a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails, but King also cited that he loves listening to innovative artists like Yookie and Kai Wachi.

In his free time, he loves working on music at home and hanging out with his wife.

“Yes, I get to write music, and I get to play a guitar as long as I want to, in my boxers, drinking coffee,” he said.


11/03/17 – Denver, CO @ Beta Nightclub w/ Dirtyphonics
11/10/17 – San Diego, CA @ Bassmnt w/ Black Tiger Sex Machine
11/18/17 – Savannah, GA @ Elan w/ Riot Ten
11/25/17 – Buffalo, NY @ Venu w/ Dirtyphonics
12/06/17 – Washington, DC @ Soundcheck
12/08/17 – Toronto, ON @ Nest w/ Dirtyphonics


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