lofi hip hop – a community of love and positivity!


I just wanted to tell you about one of the nicest, most wholesome corners of the internet, if you didn’t already know about it.

lofi hip hop is a type of music that most commonly manifests on Youtube live streams, many of which usually have hundreds, if not thousands of listeners at any given moment.

The video streams usually blend mellow tracks together seamlessly, sampling internet producers, most of whom I’ve never heard of. The songs are soft and muted, usually without lyrics. On occasion, you may come across a familiar melody of a hip hop song.

My guess as to why it’s blown up is because it’s incredibly pleasant and calming music, perfect for studying, gaming, or just hanging out.

I listened to these channels occasionally over the past few years, but a lot more in recent months!

At this point, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of spinoff channels putting out music categorized as lofi hip hop, in all sorts of forms. Some are live broadcasts, others individual videos.

Others are less hip hop and more lofi chill, drawing inspiration from themes like Studio Ghibli and nature.

One of my favorite things about lofi hip hop is the community that it’s created over the past few years. The people in the comments are basically writing in about how the music makes them feel, and how it’s improved their lives. Moreover, the self-proclaimed study channels feature encouraging conversations in the comments about taking exams and being productive.

Others host real-time dialogues just spreading love and positivity in the comments – take a look:

  • Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
    Happy New Year, and all the best in 2019 :)
  • I’m very paranoid at night and sleeping is really hard because I always think I see people around my room and things crawling around on the floor. It make going to sleep a nightmare. I like to listen to this while I try to relax. Thank you for helping me!
  • I love you all so much.
  • To all students reading the comments : YOU ARE MORE THAN AN EXAM!
  • I’ve seen comments saying they wish they could be this girl since shes in such a perfect world, But you can make your life a perfect world to! You get to choose what path you go down in life, There will be struggles here and there but you can still live in that perfect world. You just have to decide what your perfect world is going to look like

As for me, I’m totally infatuated. These channels make everything around me feel more relaxed and cozy. It’s perfect for a lazy Saturday morning, a chill Sunday evening, my work back home from work, anything. Except the gym maybe, haha.

Take a listen:

My personal Lofi Hip Hop playlist – constantly updated as of 3/3/19


OG Source:

Chillhop.com – Lofi Hip Hop Radio – Chill/Study Beats

Other awesome channels:


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  2. Mono Blogs

    I’ve been a big fan of these lo fi streams for a while so it’s great to see them being enjoyed! Loved what you had to say in here, especially about the comments people leave, very positive :)


      • Free Trip Downl Hop

        If you load music that does not belong to you on youtube, you risk a warning, 3 warnings delete your utube channel. Most artists of this kind of underground musk like to be shared on channels of good utube digger. the rights are donated to the artists and google takes a percentage. I use bandcamp for quality and there is no ad, I can listen to good albums without interruption


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