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Mr. Moist Presents: All my friends are home and I’m just like only 3 more weeks till finals

Mr. Moist Presents: lol jk about the weather

I am energy. I am galactic. I am psychedelic. ॐ

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My favorites:

Keith Ape – It G Ma (Madeaux Remix)

Mura Masa — over-love

Starsmith — Annie Mac Minimix

Blunt after blunts (Danny Brown flip)

Day 1 – Alexander Lewis X Brasstracks

FS GREEN — Goolie Goolie

GEOTHEORY — Finally! (9k)

Sun Goes Down – T-Pain ft. Audio Push (BLU J remix)

Iamnobodi – Morning Meditation


Haywyre – Dichotomy (Hard Mix)

Drake – Trophies (Brasstracks Cover)


OTHER PLAYLISTS by Mr. Moist, aka Maddy:

It’s 3 days from May and it’s 50 degrees out why

hello yes

Da Did Dee Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum (etc.)


i gaht beggin soda

being happy doing nothing

learning is for idiots

dank sinatra’s finest

how can she slap

I just blue myself

week 1

Mr. Moist Presents: It’s 3 days from May and it’s 50 degrees out why

My favorites:

Sir Sly ~ You Haunt Me (SoySauce Edition)

flybear — Mittens (Oh!)

Chahine — (dc) x Rusty Hook x Chahine – Crucial

Drake – Star67 [njord. remix]

Jack Ü – To Ü (Ramzoid Remix)

sam gellaitry – powder Continue reading