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brunch, burgers, & sharpening my knives (satisfying) // September 2021 Vlog


HARD Summer was the perfect opportunity to let loose for the first time in a long time.

What’s your favorite music festival? Which drop was your favorite?

Skip to 1:15 if you want to jump right in!

HARD summer playlist –…

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summer vlog – taking myself out on dates!

When’s the last time you took yourself out on a date? I hope you enjoy this chill summer vlog – I treat myself to banh mi and ube iced coffee, as well as a solo picnic in the park. It’s nice just to enjoy my own company for once!

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trying something new…a newsletter style post

hey – how are you doing? it’s been a while since I’ve written on here. we live in a culture where everything has to be perfect and airbrushed. i miss and pine for the days where you didn’t have to triple check and double think everything.

I wanted to round out a few pieces of content that I’ve discovered recently that have spoken to me in some way. I hope you enjoy. Please share any music, articles, quotes, youtube videos, podcast episodes, etc. that have made you stop and think lately in the comments below :)



I found this video on youtube a few weeks ago and it helped verbalize and break down a question I’d been asking myself since last summer – sharing and reading infographics on social media can be useful, but does not replace taking actual action. She also makes a really interesting point about how much the most widely shared infographics are based on the aesthetics versus the content. I found it such a helpful video for me to reflect on this big question.


from Reddit – R/GetMotivated


trying costco a5 wagyu + asian groceries & snacks haul | vlog

What I did and things I ate last weekend!

Trying A5 Wagyu from Costco, grabbing Asian groceries and snacks, unboxing my new shoes from HOKA ONE ONE, enjoying some warm weather, etc. Spring hath sprung!

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Trying to live a happier life – 10 life “hacks”

Hi there, thanks for tuning in. As you may have seen I started making Youtube videos for fun. I’ve technically had a channel since 2017 but only posted a few videos!

I called these hacks because they are less so broad life philosophies and more so tips and tricks to slowly work towards a happier life.

If you have any video requests, be sure to let me know :-)

Here is some music I’ve been listening to! Shoutout to Maddy, aka Mr. Moist for the rec: