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Help Me Out…

Hi followers :)

Would you like to help me out? I did a writing challenge a couple weeks ago and now there’s a poll where you can vote for whichever submissions you liked the most. IT WOULD BE SO NICE IF YOU GUYS VOTED FOR ME!

So here’s the link, and thanks to anyone who does votes!

And if anyone would like to re-read what I wrote for this challenge, here’s the link to that!

Finally, here is a song that I am currently enjoying:

Just curious…

Jimmy...can you hear me?

Jimmy…can you hear me?

When the first egg was eaten: “Dude, what are you doing? That just came from a chicken’s butt.*” “But…it’s so ovalish and smooth.” “Well…at least heat it up first.” “…Fine, I guess.”

What were they thinking??

That is all for today.

*Technically, the correct term for where an egg comes from is cloaca. Thanks to a friend for correcting me!