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Life update – being an adult

I thought that since I have consistently felt like I didn’t know what to say here for the past few years, I would go back to basics and report on the latest life chapter of my existence – being an “adult.”

I put that word in quotes because by society’s standards, I’m nearly a full-blown adult – eligible to vote, legal to drink in the US, all that jazz. But I still feel like I’m a child in many ways. I can be responsible, but sometimes I don’t want to be. I have a job now, but I still don’t really know what I want to do with my life.

Right after I graduated college, I had a very tough time transitioning to my new working lifestyle. Routine suddenly became much more central to my life, with the days of the week taking on very different connotations than they did in college.

Sunday was no longer a second Saturday – it was now a pre-Monday. I found that it made the most sense to designate a certain day of the week to doing inevitable chores, like laundry and vacuuming.

Over the years I’ve lived through key life lessons, teachings that I’d heard but didn’t internalize until I felt them firsthand. The thing is, they often don’t look like a lesson in the moment. A lot of the learning happens after the fact.

It turns out that overcoming difficulties builds character and helps you become a stronger individual overall.

COVID-19 has me feeling very introspective and nostalgic, thinking about people that I was once close with. Lately I’ve found myself wondering why we’re no longer in each others lives.

Apparently there’s no rhyme or reason to it, but I’ve realized that in order for me to be at the place that I am today, my life had to play out the way that it did.

Still, that’s one thing I don’t think I’ll ever get over – is people coming and going in life. On one hand, someone you used to share secrets with, the first person you wanted to share exciting news with, your go-to person for consolation in hard times, is no longer in your life.

On the other, even having access to such pure and joyful memories is a privilege and testament to the positive impact they had on my life.

But I’m repeatedly reminded that everyone changes, and people naturally drift apart. And that’s okay.

You thought you were one thing but it turns out that was just a phase of your life. One of the first chapters in hopefully many – personality ends up being constantly in flux based on where you are, what you’re doing and who you surround yourself with.

Being a zillennial (Gen Z + millennial combined – that’s pretty much what I am) also adds a fun twist to the whole thing. Being connected to people on social media from not just your present day, but also your past is an interesting phenomenon. You know about their new dog, but you don’t know them and how they’re ~really~ doing.

Another everyday phenomenon that never ceases to overwhelm me is the passage of time – brutally rigid and treading in just the one direction – forward.

In some ways it’s terrifying – worsening eyesight, small body aches that creep up, eye wrinkles, gray hairs…

When I was a kid, death was something I read about in books, but didn’t happen to anyone I knew. It was just a concept I had yet to grasp. Slowly, I’m learning that it’s an inescapable fate, which means that everything up until then is meaningless in both a depressing and uplifting way.

In other ways, the passage of time is magnificently beautiful. Places you once regarded as foreign and unfamiliar, become places that you’ve physically walked, experienced delightfully for a moment in time.


Here’s some music I’ve been loving lately:

I started a podcast!

Spin Shark.png

This podcast is inspired by the following text post I saw on Instagram a few weeks ago:

“You’re not behind in life. There’s no timetable that we all must follow. It’s made up. 7 billion people can’t do everything in the same order. What’s early? What’s late? Compared to who? Don’t beat yourself up for where you are. It’s YOUR schedule and everything is right on time.” Continue reading

My experience hosting an exchange student


Left to right: Vicky, Lacey, me

If you saw a diverse group of high school students waiting at the airport eagerly holding up signs, barely able to contain their excitement, the last thing you would expect is that they are part of a Chinese exchange student program.

But on that particular Sunday afternoon, the host students indeed attracted a great deal of attention with their enthusiasm and vivacity.

Students at our school were hosting students from both China and Argentina; the cultural exchange proved very enriching, bringing together American, Argentinian, and Chinese students, a rare occurrence.

In a society that often tends to stereotype people based on their race (among other things), this program really pushed interaction to overcome this sort of ignorance. 

Our school community embraced their arrival with open-mindedness and made them feel unconditionally welcome in our hallways. Continue reading

Global in Perspective

If you’re a teenager and you’re told to make a decision, you will embrace the adolescent mindset of wanting to go to parties and hang out with friends, a generally immature mentality that I refer to as limited in perspective. 

If you’re an adult and you’re given an important choice to make, you’ll be rather (often overly) mature about the way you weigh your options.

When I make important decisions, I think I try to be really mature about everything, but often that’s not a realistic representation. I believe (more) in the concept of being “global in perspective.”

Would you like to play the game of five? Consider a decision; consider the repercussions of this choice in 5 days? 5 weeks? months? years? If you’re concerned about a negative consequence that might result, decide the importance of such an outcome. I seldom realize how minuscule a seemingly-disastrous outcome would be until I think about it in the span of a few years.

I’ll reason through a major decision. I’ll consider how it affects everyone I know, but mainly myself. You are, ultimately, the center of your world, having lived in your body and seen from your perspective, and your perspective only.

Daily Prompt: How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Reblog: 24 Things That Make You Beautiful

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 8.51.31 AM

Well I believe this is the first reblog of mine. I think these are values that we’ve all subconsciously realized to be absolutely, utterly beautiful.

These qualities demonstrate selflessness and a general understanding of world, and life. While no one is ever perfect, someone to comprehends how to better their personality and their relationships with other people always has a certain sense of maturity and placidity sequestered to their personality.