Think North Korea

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Think North Korea is a school organization that my friend Michael and I created. We both raise money and awareness about the human rights crisis in North Korea. To achieve these goals, we give presentations at schools in our area. We’ve already got a little following at school!

Michael and I are also a part of a separate organization called GivingPoint, and we are members of the GivingPoint Institute. Through this, we receive feedback, advice, and are given lots of opportunities to help our projects grow exponentially.

Think North Korea works with Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a global non-profit that actually sends rescue teams into North Korea to bring refugees into safe havens such as the US and South Korea.

TNK’s goal for the end of the 2013-2014 school year is to have visited ten schools and raised $2500 to save one refugee. Follow our progress and help spread the word!

Liberty in North Korea

The Human Rights Crisis in North Korea: Why Should You Care? 

Why You Shouldn’t Just Assume that North Korea is Crazy

Donations collected thus far: $800

Presentations thus far:

– The Westminster Schools: small group presentation

– GivingPoint Sparks Event

Paideia School

– The Westminster Schools: full school assembly

Pace Academy

– The Westminster Schools: Alternative Gift Fair


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