Swift Expression Writing Challenge

Readers, this is a challenge that Tilda presented to me recently, and here is what I have written. The challenge was to answer five different prompts; thanks for reading them! I’d love some feedback.


– write a letter to somebody who is no longer in your life (link here)

– write the first paragraph (or couple) of your life story (link here)

– answer the following questions: (link here)

Does the feeling of guilt serve a purpose? If so, what is it?

If it serves no purpose, why not?

– pay tribute to someone through a visual tribute (link here)

– write about a hobby or activity that you enjoy (link here)


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  2. ghazmat

    Hello Never Stationary, I was your main competitor in the Swift Blog Challenge LOL. Congratulations for winning! Your answer were great. You are clearly a very talented writer and clever young woman. I’m sure your blog will become very popular because you deserve it. I am now following your blog as well. :-)


  3. tfaswift

    Hooray! You’ve put the Award up! :-) Very happy!

    Wait, I just noticed that you only have 20 followers. How is that possible??? You blog like a pro. Do you have a Facebook account that you can connect to? It will plump of your following.


      • tfaswift

        Oh right, so you’re similar to me then I think. I only joined Facebook about a month before I started my blog. I only have around 15 or so Facebook friends! I don’t actually know a lot of people and many people who I do know are older and not so much into Facebook. But a lot of people have 100 or more Facebook friends, so I just thought if you have a whole bunch of Facebook friends and you connect your blog to your Facebook account, then they show up as followers because your posts immediately pop up on Facebook when you publish them. No worries; I don’t have many followers either, but it’s quality rather than quantity which really matters. :-)


  4. tfaswift

    Dear Never Stationary, well I think you already know that your answers are most impressive!! LOL. I knew you’d be a good one to invite for the competition. Absolutely excellent contribution; thank you so much.

    I hope your readers will come and read them!

    And even though there aren’t technically any ping backs, that’s ok because you’ve given a link to your blog and you’ve provided these links here so your readers can view your work, which is part of the challenge. Thank you so much, and you are indeed a very talented writer and communicator in general! :-) I really value your input.

    If you feel like encouraging any of your readers to take part, they would be most welcome. I need 8 answers to each challenge (although not necessarily by the same people) in order for the competition to be complete, and somebody wins the 2nd Award (if they want it) plus a £10 (or equivalent in any currency) online gift certificate for the shop of their choice, e.g. Amazon, iTunes, etc.

    Once all 5 questions have received 8 responses, I will set up a brand new challenge, as well as answering each of the 5 questions myself in five posts. It’s not fair to ask other people to do it if I’m not willing to do it myself! :-)

    So again, brilliant answers, and clearly you are a talented and competitive person. I have the feeling you probably win a lot too! :-)

    P.S. I shall try to leave ping backs here myself just to make it official (let’s see if it works) … Never Stationary’s answers can be found on my blog, Swift Expression here:



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