Guilt can be an invaluable feeling. It certainly does serve a purpose in everyone’s life. Whether or not this purpose will be positive or negative depends on the person, and the act.

Guilt represents a crucial bridge to someone’s past, which never would have been built had guilt not influenced the person to think back to something they regretted doing, something that made them feel guilt.

From this, guilt and regret can be good. We are forced to learn from our mistakes, which ultimately make us a better person, and shape who we are and also who we aspire to be.

I’m sure lots of great works of literature and art and music must have been composed out of guilt, remorse, regret, or longing. I’ve not delved deep into literary analysis or historic backgrounds, so I can’t really mention any specific names or titles. But I’m grateful that such works had been created, and will inevitably be created in the future, simply because art and expression are priceless.

On the other hand, guilt can oftentimes serve no valuable purpose in our lives. It can be harmful because it definitely has the capacity to mentally destroy someone. If the guilt reaches a certain intensity, you could lose sight of the big picture, your purpose in life. You veer off your life course, and thus, a perfectly good life is wasted.

Like anything, a little bit of guilt is beneficial to shape the character, but there is a fine line because “sufficient” and “too much.” Too much, and you risk an overdose. You could very well go over the edge, never to find your way back again.

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  1. Soul Seeker

    yes, i agree. I think that guilt can be very important to make us improve as a human being and we should try to be filled with light and goodness, not darkness, but also its true what you say that sometimes guilt can be felt at the wrong times. I have wasted a lot of time in the past feeling guilty that I wasn’t good enough for someone but then I realised finally that person will never be satisfied ever, and the problem was theirs not mine. It’s a very good post. :-)


    • catdiggedydog

      Thank you! And definitely, it’s useless to try to change something that is not your role to change. Personally, whenever I am overcome with guilt (or any other strong emotion, for that matter) I think the only positive thing that CAN result from that is that I just produce lots of passionate writing, which I also refer to as ranting. It’s my way of venting and overcoming the guilt/emotion. :) Thanks for reading


    • SoundEagle

      SoundEagle agrees with Soul Seeker.

      Catherine, your post is well reasoned and explicated, and it is celar that you have given a lot of thought in writing it. Thank you and well done!


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