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Interview w/ Bad Royale: “That’s us, the Caribbean bass guys”


Photo: Bad Royale

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might remember (you probably don’t) my review of Bad Royale’s Move Like EP that came out in 2015.

If you like the reggae instrumentals of Bob Marley set against the fast-paced, bass-heavy electronic music put out by Baaeur, you’ll love Bad Royale’s new EP, Move Like, which came out earlier today on Mad Decent. – Move Like: Bad Royale’s new EP

Since then, the group has produced a litany of trappy, moombahton tracks and even worked with Diplo on a remix of “Look At My Dab” that I’m sure you’ve heard – it’s got nearly 4 million plays on Soundcloud.
Bad Royale will be back in Chicago with Gent & Jawns Thursday for TRVPPED at The Mid! They put together an exclusive promo mix that highlights the best of their production and taste.

If you RSVP, you can get in for free before 11:30 PM!

How’s the tour been so far? Give me some highlights!

The best highlight so far has been Shaky Beats Festival in Atlanta. We opened the stage and we’re afraid it would be dead but we packed that place with an amazing crowd! Fun times.

Why’d you pick Gent & Jawns to tour with you guys?

Gent & Jawns to us are one the most underrated artists out there, we are huge fans of their music and personality so we click very well musically!

So some of you guys also do your own stuff on the side – how is working in a group different from making music on your own?

We work the same within Bad Royale. We each make something different and then fight about it.

What sort of individual music influences and styles do you guys bring to the table?

That’s hard. Kevin, Bruce, and Maor are all from trance backgrounds and are fairly melodic. Elias just makes noise.

In an age when it’s so easy to replicate other artists and create similar beats, how do you guys keep things interesting and original?

We basically started this whole thing with a Caribbean twist because we felt that was lacking in EDM. We feel like we have that niche carved out and totally own it now. That’s us, the Caribbean bass guys. Lately, we’ve been bringing a lot of pop influences into our music as well.

What’s next for Bad Royale? Productions, collaborations, performances, festivals, etc.

We have a lot in store for the upcoming months, more north American dates and some European too, and of course lots of secret collaborations and some big singles, but we can’t say much yet!

Oh and a music video!

Lightning Round:

Who manages your twitter? All of you? Your manager?

All of us, that’s what makes it interesting, we all have a different type of approach and personalities, so it keeps the interaction with fans going. Definitely not management though, they hate what we post.

Where’d the name Bad Royale come from?

Credit goes to Paul Devro from Mad Decent, we were basically known as ‘The Kingdumb’ as some might know, but before Paul signed us to Mad Decent, he felt we should take ourselves a bit more seriously, so we gave him a bunch of emails that related to king/royalty, and he helped us choose. Thanks, Paul, we still hate you.

Who are some of your close EDM/music producer friends?

Big shout out to our homies Above & Beyond, Valentino Khan, Diplo, Walshy Fire, Jillionaire of Major Lazer, Party Favor, Gent & Jawns, ETC! ETC!, Borgore, Styles&Complete, Wax Motif, Herobust and the list goes on and on…we love everyone. They probably don’t love us back though

What’s a song you’re loving right now?

Rammstein – Tier

Who would you love to perform with/collaborate with?

Would love to do another track with Major Lazer for their next album. Diplo, pls answer.

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