I Welcome Autumn with Open Arms!

what gorgeous colors.

As we bid a forlorn good bye to the long days of summer, life isn’t all that sad, because we’re transitioning into autumn.Ahhhhh…finally.

I love summer. Don’t get me wrong! But does anyone else but me start to get tired of the overly tanned people, the mosquitoes, and the constant sweating? I feel it right around the time summer starts to end.


Luckily, as fall eases into our lives, we are aesthetically satisfied. The colors are absolutely breathtaking. My first glimpse of fall that I remember truly appreciating was a few years ago; one of the gigantic trees on our school’s campus had leaves that turned a beautiful shade of yellow, mixed in with oranges and reds. I saw it one day and was totally bewildered by the intense colors. I watched the leaves fall, one by one into a huge fluffy pile almost a foot high off the ground. I planned to bring my camera the next day to take a picture, but there was a thunderstorm that night and by the next day, the leaves were soggy and covered in food prints. The colors faded so quickly.

I walked down my street one day in the autumn, and I took in the colors on the porches that I passed. Although I wasn’t totally taken back with surprise by any vivid hues, the sky was a pretty pink, pumpkins had started to appear on porches, there were new and yet somewhat familiar colors that I hadn’t seen in a while.


The weather these days of autumn are just glorious. While the sun still comes out during the day, the nights reach their perfect chilly temperature. It’s a wonderful equilibrium between the scorching hot of summer, and the bitter icy cold of winter. I love fall weather because it’s an “inbetweenie”; warm days, and yet, cool nights.

Goodbye Bugs!

If I had been home in the summer, I would have been perfectly miserable whenever someone opened a door because our house would soon be filled with bugs of all sorts: ants, flies, mosquitoes, even bees. The nice thing about autumn is that all the annoying pests seem to pack up and take off until next summer. I don’t want to understand nor do I need to understand the science behind all of this; it’s just another enigmatic aspect that makes me so thrilled when autumn rolls around.


You’re never too old for it. Doesn’t matter if you can’t dress up for it, I personally think passing out candy is just as fun. Thinking back to the days when I did go trick or treating, I smile when I remember my costumes; I’ve had my conventional years as witches and cowgirls, but some Halloweens I’ve dressed up pretty weirdly!

I remember once I pinned balloons all over a shirt and just called myself a bubble girl. Weird, huh? I just admire that there’s one night out of the year where children are walking the streets being scared out of their minds by neighbors’ spooky decorations. Some people will go to great lengths to acquire the reputation of “Spookiest House in the Neighborhood”, and others will sit a pumpkin on their porch and call it a day.

Also, I just get excited whenever I go to the store and see bags of sugar filled candies in their festive orange and purple wrappings, just for October 31. :)

Fresh New Concept of ‘Back to School’

Don’t hate me!! You have to admit that if no matter how old you are, you always look forward to the first days of school – just a little. Who doesn’t like to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe, buying new pens and notebooks, and anticipating a new year, a new approach to learning, perhaps? We can only hope… Even though we know that the fresh concept of school is fleeting, autumn is a time where our expectations are highest, where it’s definitely NOT too late to make a change.

Indeed, summer certainly has its perks, and I’ll be sure to post about why winter is a wonderful season (because it is, for sure), but in the moment, while we are in the first days of autumn, there’s something wonderful in the air, and it’s making me feel very sentimental and happy. I was organizing my closet yesterday, and almost squealed in delight that I could officially pull out my jackets, long pants, and sweaters. I solemnly packed away my light dresses, my tank tops, my thin skirts, and my sandals for next summer.

I welcome autumn with open arms.

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