This Kid I Know: Holmes

So, I know this kid. He went to debate camp with me. I thought he was pretty weird at first, to be honest. I’d never talked to him before and he hung out with different people than I did, but MAN THIS KID IS A STRAIGHT UP BALLER (don’t judge me for saying that). Top of my lab, cutting cards all day. I stalked his Spotify and subscribed to his “cut all the cards” playlist. I starred two of his songs and decided that the rest were just too hardcore for me. His music taste blew me away; I suppose he’s just much too cool for me.

Holmes is cool because he types abnormally loud and people tend to notice him during camp-wide lectures. He’s one of those RARE double-breathers that you never encounter in the debate world.

A word to sum him up: DRIVE. He’s got loads of it. He won’t accept 2nd place, and he won’t stop till he reaches the top (Bop to the Top – High School Musical). He was one of the best 2A’s in our lab, and I respect him a ton for that.

Furthermore, he lives in Texas. He was the assistant to the Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin, which is quite impressive considering that this company only exists in our hearts.

He’s just cool because you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You shouldn’t glance at him and just assume things based on racial stereotypes because if you’re looking for the typical white kid, HE’S NOT HERE. SHOUTOUT TO MY BUDDY HOLMES!

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