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This Kid I Know: Kathy

This Kid I Know: Gerardo (Year 2)

This Kid I Know: Christina (Year 3)

IMG_4843.JPGAt this point, we’ve been friends for nearly two years now. We weren’t even together during fall quarter, but you were still probably the person I talked to and confided in the most, which speaks volumes to me about our friendship. Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Natalie (Year 3)

This Kid I Know: Sam

This Kid I Know: Vicky


On the Sunday of sorority preview, I was tired from staying up late the night before, cold because I decided to wear shorts, and nervous because I had never met many of the women who were also in my recruitment group. Continue reading

This Kid I Know: David



I first met David in my math class in our spring quarter of freshman year. Prior to that class, I’d heard faint whispers of his name, but it didn’t immediately register with me that this was that David.  Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Gerardo

This Kid I Know: Maddy (Year 2)

This Kid I Know: Navin (Year 2)


The lopsidedness of this shot represents our collective approach to life – Dandelion Appreciation Day 2015

Dear Vinny,

When I tell my other friends about you, they’re sort of amazed by the nature of our friendship, which goes back to what, like the summer after sophomore year? Continue reading