This Kid I Know: Maddy (Year 2)


Some things never change.

Dear Maddy,

I still remember when you first played Shigeto’s “So So Lovely” sometime during the fall of our freshman year.

I was mesmerized by the wind chime-esque, silverware-tapping track, and was inspired to find out more about this mysterious Indian boy who had a knack for interesting tunes…

In a similar way to how I think Natalie and I’s friendship is grounded on food and writing, I think ours revolves around music.

You’ve had a huge influence on my music taste over the past year and a half, including my current obsession with Troyboi, NGHTMRE, Jack Ü and Mr. Carmack.

Last year, I wrote:

Our tastes are strangely similar in some ways but very, very different in others. We send each other new discoveries all the time, and headbang in the lounge together when no one else is looking.

I think this is still true, but we’ve spent enough time around each other that we’ve figured out what the other might like, as in, I’ll listen to a track and think, oooh, I bet Maddy would love this. Music links and screenshots comprise 50% of our online/mobile conversations to be honest…

Though we aren’t living in Elder together anymore, and though the nature of our friendship has definitely changed from the transition, we still rep the shirts and the spirit. We once even decided to forcefully continue an obsolete tradition, crashing Elder’s Sunday cider and ignoring the curious stares of current residents who don’t recognize their ancestors.

Some of my favorite memories of us from this past year are from concerts (Lido and Mr. Carmack), but others are born out leaving Evanston to explore Crisp in Belmont, or Tank Noodle in Argyle. Or late night walks past Papa John’s. Or to Domino’s, lol.

I’m proud to report that my initial pet name “Maddy” has not only caught on, it’s completely taken off. I enjoy explaining to my friends that Maddy is not a white girl, but in fact an Indian guy.


I will never tire of your Soundcloud links (even if I don’t always check them – sorry!) and your Mr. Moist plugs (follow him on Soundcloud!), so please keep them coming. You’re the only person who consistently contributes to my blog, and I really value that.

I’ve watched you grow up a lot in the past year. You’ve become better at communication, and a more mature individual overall. Your priorities have become more aligned, and you’re more driven to achieve your goals. I’m really excited to see the places you go in the future.

You can always consider my apartment your second home, a place where we can continue our shenanigans, dating back to Welcome Week 2015. That wild ride of a week was highlighted by my first episode (the first of many, many to come) of Rick & Morty, as well as apples, lipstick and toilet paper rolls. Come over anytime for seaweed or egg-in-the-hole.

Happy birthday, Maddy. I cannot WAIT to celebrate with you this weekend!

PS, your posture is atrocious.

Okay, just combing through your Soundcloud makes me realize that your music taste is extremely diverse. And that you are a very thorough peruser of music. And that you find a lot of hidden bangers on Soundcloud.

This playlist depicts a rough timeline of our friendship with songs, dating back to September 2014.

I remember listening to the Jack Ü album for the first time in the lounge, singing Goldlink’s “Wassup” on the way back from RHA formal, showing you “Ammonia Clouds” and DJ Grumble for the first time, becoming utterly obsessed with Alexander Lewis’ track “Life is Sweet”, constantly dropping the Djemba Djemba BANKS remix in our conversations from time to time, and consistently going back to the classic, “Paradise Awaits: Part 2”.

I remember randomly falling in love with “Low Frequency”, Hexes’ bootleg of “Jump” and Nebbra’s remix of “Too Original”, and feeling pleasantly surprised to find a song by Flamingosis on one of your playlists.

I think that 82.99 FM song will soon become one of our classics, and that “Bellanova” will always have a special place in our hearts.


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