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This Kid I Know: Kathy

This Kid I Know: Gerardo (Year 2)

This Kid I Know: Christina (Year 3)

IMG_4843.JPGAt this point, we’ve been friends for nearly two years now. We weren’t even together during fall quarter, but you were still probably the person I talked to and confided in the most, which speaks volumes to me about our friendship. Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Vicky


On the Sunday of sorority preview, I was tired from staying up late the night before, cold because I decided to wear shorts, and nervous because I had never met many of the women who were also in my recruitment group. Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Gerardo

This Kid I Know: Maddy (Year 2)

This Kid I Know: Navin (Year 2)


The lopsidedness of this shot represents our collective approach to life – Dandelion Appreciation Day 2015

Dear Vinny,

When I tell my other friends about you, they’re sort of amazed by the nature of our friendship, which goes back to what, like the summer after sophomore year? Continue reading