This Kid I Know: Christina (Year 3)

IMG_4843.JPGAt this point, we’ve been friends for nearly two years now. We weren’t even together during fall quarter, but you were still probably the person I talked to and confided in the most, which speaks volumes to me about our friendship.

We text every day without fail, and I never have to double think myself when I’m talking to you. I still find the circumstances under which we met and became friends hilarious, but looking back, you’ve made such an insurmountable impact on my college experience, my music taste, my personality, my ideals and my entire life.

I credit you for starting the whole, jamming out anywhere sort of thing. I remember taking long walks west of campus, sitting on swings at some playground, blasting music on our phones and wiggling around. Or at the lakefill, or at the beach.

I remember listening to NGHTMRE’s Diplo & Friends mix in my room, knowing exactly when the next drop was coming, every track and transition, and headbanging, all sweaty.

I miss cooking simple and delicious meals together with EDM blasting in the kitchen, and having long, epic conversations in the living room.

To say that you’re a positive influence on me is an understatement. You’re one of few people who actually gets me to exercise – thanks for awful/awesome memories at SPAC working hard to Insanity, and for wanting to do healthy eating plans.

Thanks for calling me out on my BS in the most supportive ways possible. You keep me in check, and challenge me appropriately. You’re not wishy-washy, and you tell me what you really think, which I truly appreciate.

Also, thanks for introducing me to David Dobrik even though it often takes me an eternity (days, weeks) to check out the stuff that you show me online.

I love your zest for adventure, your zeal for conversation and intellectual probing, your diverse but on-point music taste, and I just want you to know that I appreciate you more than you may realize.

Cat n Chris forever!

Let’s update our playlist when we get back, but for now…please enjoy this playlist I put together of our special mixes.

I remember jamming out to these in your car during spring break, making dinner in my apartment, on the train coming back from the city, in my bedroom, and online when we’re not together in person.


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