This Kid I Know: Vicky


On the Sunday of sorority preview, I was tired from staying up late the night before, cold because I decided to wear shorts, and nervous because I had never met many of the women who were also in my recruitment group.

As we walked from one end of campus to the other, heading for the sorority quad, I found myself in line with Vicky. After a bit of small talk, my first impression (which is often inaccurate) was that she was quite shy and un-involved.

Even though I didn’t end up going through with recruitment, I’m always thankful for the experience because a) it re-assured me that Greek life wasn’t a good fit for me b) I met Vicky.

Though we lived on opposite ends of campus during freshman year, people would hear me say y’all occasionally and ask if I knew/was related to her. No, but my sister’s name is also Vicky, I’d always reply.

It’s hilarious that some people think we’re related, though we might as well be. If anything, however, we’re probably more twins than older sister-younger sister.

The more I think about it though, we actually have a lot in common. We both opted out of Greek life, instead made good friends with people from our dorm and moved out to apartments during sophomore year.

Over the past two years, Vicky and I have gotten closer through joining CSA and our ~lit~ Fire Dynasty family. We’ve also had some pretty interesting, pretty hilarious late-night Snapchat exchanges. Now, we have many mutual friends, and it’s clear that while you’re a ball of fun to be around, you’re also very grounded and interested in getting to know people well.

I love that you cook traditional Chinese food at home and that you make your way to get groceries from Chinatown or Argyle sometimes. It shows dedication and authenticity!

Thank you for always going out to restaurants and snapping pictures of your meals. I can always rely on you to respond with the name of the restaurant and a quick rating of the meal, so I can add it to my list and get inspiration from your food travels. And likewise, you always support my food adventures and are quick to reach out and ask about where I go and what I eat. You’re a pioneer, a true foodie.

And finally, thank you for having great taste in music and for consistently jamming out with me when a good song comes on. I’m reminded of the car ride back from the ODESZA concert, when we both went berserk in the back seat when Party Favor came on.

And Keys N Krates was still one of the most insane nights of my life, 50% of it being Keys N Krates, but the other 50% definitely being THA CREW.

I look forward to more of those-type concerts and more Mamby’s in the future!!!

Keep it 100, lil’ sis.

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