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This Kid I Know: Navin (Year 2)


The lopsidedness of this shot represents our collective approach to life – Dandelion Appreciation Day 2015

Dear Vinny,

When I tell my other friends about you, they’re sort of amazed by the nature of our friendship, which goes back to what, like the summer after sophomore year? Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Navin

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If you ever are privileged to interact one on one with an individual like Navin, consider yourself lucky.

Like myself, he thrives in small group conversations. It takes a while to coax him out of his shell, but once you do, you will be glad you did. He has a hidden layer of craziness underneath, did you know?

Beyond this, he is one of the most easy going individuals I’ve ever encountered. Super go-with-the-flow, taking life as it comes.

That’s because this Bronx native grew up in one of the world’s most magical cities, though he shrugs it off like it’s no big deal. But I envy that he has grown up taking a subway to school everyday in a town where daily happenings constantly make the news, and the best and only way to get by is to accept and adapt to change.  Continue reading