This Kid I Know: Christina (Year 2)

chris1Chris, if you were with me right now, you’d look out of my bedroom window and say something like, “Want to go on a walk? It’s really nice outside.”

And by nice, you’d mean, there’s a gentle breeze and creepy abandoned buildings and dark alleyways to explore.

“Dude it’s like 1AM. It’s cold and I’m lazy,” I’d complain.


“Come climb this tree,” Chris says. “Okay,” I respond.

“Grab a jacket,” you’d say, and I’d shrug and give in, because I know that even in the most mundane of situations, you’ll always discover adventure. That’s one of the things I love about you.

You’re always pushing me out of my comfort zone, on the lookout for something new to experience.

With you, I can discuss anything. No topic is off limits. Whenever something happens to me, you’re one of the first people I want to text to update you about my life and get your feedback, whether it’s about my recent paper grade, what I had for breakfast, or a new album that just came out. That, or you’re already by my side experiencing it all with me.

The thing about you is that you’re actually really good at communication, even if you don’t realize it. See, I’ve never met ANYONE who takes the time to type out texts like you do. Of course, I have to appreciate your efforts by reading the entire thing, even if that means responding to each other’s texts with super long, bullet pointed answers.

Except for one super awkward 3-day period over the summer, I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been a day when we haven’t communicated. We text and we call, and we Facetime and Skype when we’re away from each other. Location ain’t got nothing on us; we can endure all of the shitty reception and signal that life throws at us. Hell, even China’s internet restrictions can’t stop us, we’ll WeChat if we have to. The point is, it’s effortless and almost necessary at this point, and a habit that’s become ingrained in my life. I’m constantly on the lookout for that “Christ Ding” contact on my phone.


I remember you commenting that this was a decent picture of us, so I saved it.

We both said at one point that if we went back in time and told our freshman selves that we’d end up being as close of friends with one another as we are today, we wouldn’t believe it.

But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ve been nothing but a positive influence on my life. You inspire me with your interests and passions, and because of you, my freshman/sophomore year experiences have been all the more extraordinary.

Like I said back in May,

Something that I love about her is the way that she dances. Like she doesn’t give a flying fuck about what anyone else thinks about her, she’s just going to jam out to the music. And you know what? I’m always down to jam with you; you’ll never be without a partner, OKAY COOL? NG NG

You bring out the dance animal in me. You’re my main concert buddy, from Cashmere Cat to Freaky Deaky to ODESZA, and your presence has contributed nothing but enthusiasm and happy energy to those experiences.

For real though, Cat and Chris forever. Bucket liss and playliss.


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