Just for reference: My ‘About Me’ page: 2012-2015

I’ve updated my “About Me” page. This post is just a benchmark for myself :) 

Hello there! I’m Catherine, an 19-year-old first year student attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.

This blog is, for one, relatable. It is an opinion column from my perspective, based on my experiences and musings. It is nostalgic, it is detailed. It is random, and it is expressive. It is me.

Why I’m Here

As a total amateur, I don’t pay for this site. I don’t want to lose myself in the process of streamlining or regulating the blog too much.

I want a place to express my opinions in a mature, yet liberated way. The blog will be mine. I’ll be writing as freely as I’d like, but being held accountable by the identity that I’ve created here on the interwebs.

I’m also trying to harmonize writing for myself and writing for others. I’m still searching for that balance, and I’m wary about settling down and defining a focus, but I’m definitely on my way. I run the blog; the blog does not run me.

What does “Never Stationary” mean?

My opinions, writing styles, and views are constantly changing as I go through life and acquire new experiences; the progress I make in my writing is demonstrated through each post. I may not believe what I wrote last week.

This I love about freedom of the press:

I created this blog to express myself through creative writing. It’s not a rant about my personal life. I hope to incorporate lots of different writing styles into my posts, whether it be poetry, persuasion, how-to’s, or just free writing that I post without re-reading.

Writing is a life-changing activity that allows for reflection and self-expression. While many can express themselves through dance or art, I do so mainly through my words.

I’m strict in documenting my growth as a writer. I’m not going to go back and fix errors. It will push me to be more careful when publishing, so that from scrolling through my blog, it is evident that I’ve come a long way.

What else I do in my free time

I am an amateur food critic! Check the navigation bar at the top for a link to Cat the Critic.

In college, I’m also the Opinions Editor for my university’s alternative newspaper. I’m a member of campus Phonathon program, and a hall representative for my dorm floor.

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