This Kid I Know: Natalie (Year 3)

img_5700Nat, our friendship is built on so much more than food, even though food is what brought us together in the first place.

We sometimes wonder what our lives in college would be like if you hadn’t initiated that fateful conversation 2+ years ago.

Well, I definitely wouldn’t get out to Chicago nearly as much as I do, and I wouldn’t have a newfound respect for beets. Thank you for always linking me random but interesting food articles and videos, for having deep discussions with me about real issues (i.e. our Asian identity, our professional careers and so much more)

From meeting Brothers Green to our epic 2-day stint in LA last spring break, we’ve made so many meaningful memories together.

img_5378You’re the only person I’ve had a 100+ day Snapstreak with, and you’re one of my few friends who has met my mom.

Our many adventures to downtown Chicago have taught me not to ignore the urge to escape Evanston and discover new places. At the same time, you’re also down to stay in on a Friday night and cook dinner and watch food videos together. I still remember the night that we baked salmon and cauliflower, and scrolled all the way to the beginning of our Facebook conversation.

Two years later, and we’re still going strong!

I don’t know what I’d do without you. Not having you here and not seeing you for 5+ months has taken a toll on me, but I’m so glad that we’ve done such a decent job of staying in touch while you’re abroad. I can always trust you with all of my weird thoughts, angsty secrets and mundane life updates.

Enjoy some music:

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