This Kid I Know: Sam


March 20, 2016

I still remember that epic weekend before spring break when we hung out for hours, getting pizza, painting canvases and talking about life and music.

Prior to that, I’d heard your name through our many mutual friends and overlapping social circles. We met at the ODESZA concert and/or that infamous gathering at our place.

Still, we get along so easily just because you’re a pleasure to engage with. You’re talkative and enthusiastic, and open-minded. I admire you so much for being headstrong and for taking no one’s shit.

I have immortalized so many memories as part of the most ~lit~ summer of my life, and I’m so glad that you were there with me for a lot of it. From the Taste of Chicago to Lollapalooza, and many late nights staying up, it’s crazy how summer brought us closer together. img_6509

Thank you for showing me amazing non-electronic music, and for raging with me at Mamby and Floss and Bro Safari. I owe my newfound love for paper bags and kefir to you. I’ve had so much fun raging with you and Marvin so far this quarter, and I’m so excited to RAGE WITH YOU GUYS AGAIN THIS WEEKEND!

“Time Cube”

Here are some of my favorite songs from our friendship – excuse me, fiendship:

I love the original, but you might like this song too:

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