I made a Halloween playlist for people who like EDM, filled with Yellow Claw, Slander, MUST DIE! and more.

It inspires me to live to my spookiest.


Hearing the Yellowclaw track first got me thinking about making a Halloween playlist.

“MSMSMSM”sounds like the soundtrack to a bad trip, but in a good way. Like you’re watching a movie about someone stuck in a metal box or something, a psychological thriller.

The “Jotaro” flip sounds as though evil alien robots have inhabited earth.

Zomboy, cuz, Zomboy.

The Must Die! song reminds me of a cursed doll. Right?! At :51.

I picked the Getter & Adair song just because it’s called “Blood”. That’s it.

The Jackal track, at the :55 mark, is what sounds like the soundtrack to a video game about machine gun warfare.

“DEAD” by Slander? Zombies. Duh.

I first heard the Ganja White Night song earlier today and immediately thought that it would be a perfect fit in the playlist.

If you know of any remarkable Halloween-inspired songs, please share them with me, because I’d seriously love to listen to them.



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