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This Kid I Know: Gerardo

This Kid I Know: Maddy (Year 2)

This Kid I Know: Navin (Year 2)


The lopsidedness of this shot represents our collective approach to life – Dandelion Appreciation Day 2015

Dear Vinny,

When I tell my other friends about you, they’re sort of amazed by the nature of our friendship, which goes back to what, like the summer after sophomore year? Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Christina (Year 2)

chris1Chris, if you were with me right now, you’d look out of my bedroom window and say something like, “Want to go on a walk? It’s really nice outside.”

And by nice, you’d mean, there’s a gentle breeze and creepy abandoned buildings and dark alleyways to explore. Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Jeremy

This Kid I Know: Natalie (Year 2)

NATALIESometimes when you meet someone and find that you two both have a special interest in common, it really helps to bring you two together. In the instance of Natalie, that interest is more of a lifestyle: FOOD. Continue reading

This Kid I Know: Lisette (Year 2)