This Kid I Know: Hansen

hello Hansen!! how r u lmao, miss u

don’t remember the first time we met, but I know that as usual, my first impression of you was way off.

I thought you were just another short Asian boy that I’d meet during my time here, but your humor and demeanor really set you apart, ASBestie.

We were in the middle of studying for finals during Winter Quarter and you came up to me in Norris and we talked about classes and study music and then you showed me this song. 

So much better than the trashy music I listen to, right?

Anyways, I was excited to get to know you in those few minutes because I was eager for a familiar face for our ASB trip, which was coming up in a week or so.

You recently told me that at the beginning of the trip you were very skeptical of me, that I may seemed like I had the potential to be very annoying, which is hilarious to me. Not because that’s at all out of the realm of possibility, but because of what has since happened between us since that trip.

I am glad to have been there to hear your life story, which made me realize that there was so much more depth to you than just your strange humor and speaking patterns, and that you are more than just one of the funniest people that I’ve met in college so far.

It helped to have Stats class together, to have you racing past me on your bike as I fast-walked to class. To walk to Norris for lunch nearly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and to watch you get noodles or sushi and take your sweet, sweet time finishing your food. You’re a growing boy, Hansen.

I’m sorry I’m unsupportive of your rants. I will be a better friend about that, I promise.

There was one day during Reading Week of spring quarter that I randomly went to Norris for lunch at 2pm, completely prepared to just chill for half an hour and eat by myself. I was surprised to find you there, and as we sat near the window talking I realized that this was the first time in a long time that you and I were having fun one-on-one. I love one-on-one! And I miss that day.

OH! Arguably my favorite moment together was when you asked me to come to your “work meeting” later that day. I had just gotten out of Office Hours with a professor and remembered your invitation. I decided to walk over to the office where you worked and I can TELL YOU REALLY APPRECIATED MY SHOWING UP AND SOMETHING INTERESTING ACTUALLY CAME ABOUT OF THAT MEETING.

2015-06-02 18.48.00And then afterwards you told me you came on your bike so I just decided to walk back along the lakefill to my dorm alone…until you called and asked where I was. So I settled down on the grass and you came up riding along on your bike. And we just chilled on the grass, on arguably the nicest day Northwestern had witnessed that year. It was glorious. And then when we finally decided to get up and start heading back, I rode your bike (this was the first time I had ridden a bike in years) and that experience was amazing. And it will always be associated with you.

What else…

You make me laugh so hard sometimes.

Happy birthday Hansen! Told you I would get this up. Hope you had a rockin’ time on the other side of the world…

miss u

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