This Kid I Know: Shreya – Year 2

12119019_10208084493299460_4328647758249165588_nYou are comfort and warmth and reassurance and familiarity, right down the hall. – This Kid I Know: Shreya

Already this year, we’ve made so many meaningful memories, even if one of them is just us sitting in my living room and talking for four hours straight. We can’t seem to get enough of takeout from Joy Yee’s.

You’re responsible for our apartment’s signature scent. Everytime I get a whiff of that sandalwood beachy smell, I think to myself, Am I a 20-something young adult who hosts wine nights and big nights in? I never thought I’d make it to this point.

I’m so glad that we can get movie and face mask nights going, because college is stressing me out to the core with the fast-paced way of life. I constantly feel like I’m in a hurry to get from point A to point B. When we’re together, I feel like I can slow down and re-evaluate life.

It’s been huge living without you. I remember last year, I spoiled myself seeing you everyday.

When someone lives in your dorm, you don’t realize how much you take them for granted.

Last year was all about eating in random dining halls, seeing each other in the bathroom on early mornings, and me just grunting “good morning” to you.

But this year has been good. I’ve seen you many times even though our paths never really seem to align, because we’re both willing to make time for each other and I LOVE THAT.

I hope this birthday is a great one. 20! Stage 3!

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