October Music Favorites 2015


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Freaky Deaky Halloween

The occasion was Halloween, and the setting, Freaky Deaky Halloween in Bridgeview, IL. The night was cool, but the positive vibes radiating throughout Toyota Park were passionate, kind and warming. It was, in essence, a night to be remembered. 



I was stoked to see GRiZ live because “Stop Trippin’” is one of my favorite songs ever. Even though we were only able to see his set for a little bit, it was ~so worth it~.


I saw Grandtheft live at MDBP Chicago (more on them in my September Favorites) and they were just as great, if not better, this past weekend at Freaky Deaky. They also just released a new EP in the past few days, which features a lot more happy, fresh trap than their previously bass-studded tracks. Super groovy. Check it out:


Though I didn’t manage to catch much of Bassnectar’s set, the few minutes that I did manage to experience incorporated phenomenal drops and ear-blasting bass that immediately got me dancing. This guy is a GOD.

Keys N Krates

This is the third time I’ve seen Keys N Krates live, the other times being MDBP Atlanta and MDBP Chicago. Their track “Dum Dee Dum” is one of my favorite songs of all time, so you can bet that I jammed out hard when that song came on. This Canadian group has a unique talent in being able to CONSISTENTLY hype up a crowd. I swear, Jr. Flo has magic turntabling fingers.

Sub Focus 

Mr. Carmack

When I saw Mr. Carmack live back in spring, it was lots of mellow electronic music. He took a whole different direction, it seemed at Freaky Deaky. He consistently meshed trap with dance and hip hop beats for a refreshing shock.

Cash Cash B2B Tritonal

I was in love with Cash Cash’s frat party-reminiscent “Devil“, but I was pleasantly surprised by how united and anthem-esque it felt to sing “Untouchable” together with the crowd at the end of their set. I guess I should have expected that though, considering that they’re about to embark on their Untouchable Tour.


Flume’s remix of “Hyperparadise” is an oldie but a goodie for me, as is the tropical, stroll-through-the-park track “Ukiyo“. At Hermitude’s set I was exposed to some other tracks on their old albums, as well as many off of their newest released album. Though they were one of the earliest Saturday acts, they pumped up the crowd within the first few minutes of their set, stepping out from behind their DJ table to serenade the crowd with a portable turntable and keyboard. It was lit. From their newest album, I cherish “Searchlight” and this song:


I’m a huge Borgore fan and I didn’t even know it. Sure, I liked “Decisions” because of Miley Cyrus, and of course everyone knows “Nympho“, but I LOVE this song:

Benny Benassi

My dearest Benny Benassi, I apologize. I was mistaken in believing that you are a one-hit wonder. At least, if your DJ skills and live drops are any indication, you have some raw, crude talent. I danced non-stop at your set, and of course, the crowd exploded with angsty nostalgia when you played the Skrillex remix of “Cinema“. Best, Cat

Other artists I’ve been loving this month:


Wow, NGHTMRE is killing it in this mix. I’ve jammed out to it no less than 20 times because similarly like marshmello’s session with Diplo & Friends, this mix samples tracks that are RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, from artists like Keys N Krates, Flosstradamus, Troyboi, Jack U, Major Lazer, RL Grime, SLANDER and more.



But despite all of the rave/edm/trap music that I’ve mentioned above, the below chillstep artists have been a huge part of my musical October. This genre is slowly becoming a staple in my life. These days are long, and I need calm, serene tracks to chill me out and carry me through.

Such music includes:

Dream Koala

I’ve been shuffling Dream Koala when I’m winding down for the night. I can sleep like a baby to it because of its light and floaty vibe. My original three favorites from this artist are: Hipster Girl, Architect and Odyssey.

Manila Killa

A random guy I met earlier this month showed this to me, and I listened to it so much at night when I was just chilling in my room.

Hotel Garuda

Fun fact: Hotel Garuda is comprised of Manila Killa and Candle Weather. They put out a lot of tropical, chill music. Specifically, I have been IN LOVE with this one track, mainly because of that background sax.


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