Mr. Moist Presents: Weekly last nice day of the year

11113437_10206666398927987_9176541158166209230_nHi. I’m Maddy, aka Mr Moist, and I’m addicted to music.

Seriously, I will listen to anything and everything at least once. I tend to have phases where I like certain genres of music more than others, but for about a year, I’ve been widening my musical perspective and keeping an open mind.

Most of my playlists are taken directly from my likes on Soundcloud, so I hope that reflects the variety of my music tastes — although I can’t really define my musical tastes. I can appreciate a song for any one of many reasons – the beat, samples used, improvisation, hooks, etc, but in general, I just gravitate towards songs that can make me feel SOMETHING – excited, energetic, pensive or even sad and nostalgic.

Lately, while I’ve been walking around campus, I’ve been listening to my 1500+ soundcloud likes on shuffle. So, I ended up rediscovering some songs that I never thought to put in previous playlists, but that struck a chord with me when I listened again.

I’m also going to a concert soon with Cat and Chris, featuring Lido, Louis The Child and Cofresi. I figured most people hadn’t heard of Cofresi (I only knew him because of a collab he did with Flamingosis), so I threw in my favorite song of his.

The Young Bombs remix of XYLØ was the perfect wake-up song on Monday morning as I speed-walked from South to North campus in my 10 minutes before class.

Once I’m done and walking out of Tech for the last time in the day, I tend to take a more leisurely stroll back down south – and the Khamsin remix of Point Point was perfect for that.

And, if there’s one song for the weather we’ve had for the first three days this week, it would have to be Savanna by Tobtok.

Cat’s Picks:

SNAKEHIPS — All My Friends (Ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)

It’s a soft and sensual voice that’s filled with sad, hidden hate. At first, the church choir vibe leads you to think she’s thinking about glorious, platonic love. But nah,

Sure I get lonely some nights
When the angels on my shoulder
Slump my head
I’m stuck here with the vultures
Hissing and circling

Lido — Ain’t No Sunshine (Lido Remix)

I’m seeing Lido this weekend. I’m so freaking excited. He takes a sad love song from the 70s and transforms into this dramatic, climactic track. The song’s emotions totally evolve with Lido’s touch.

COFRESI — Bellanova

COFRESI is opening up for Lido this weekend, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this track in anticipation for the concert. “Bellanova” creates a flowery, beachy vibe that sort of radiates through the space when you play it.

SOULECTION — //Fractions – Cold

That cowbell creates a sort of military marching anthem that’s kind of just like tiptoeing through the Russian winter.

Tobtok — Tobtok – Savanna

Love those maracas in the background. This is a happy, Coachella-esque tropical house track that wants to make you dance with your face to the West Coast sunset.

Khamsin – Point Point – Life In Grey (Khamsin Remix)

I’ve heard the original, and this one is much more warpy and up-and-down. It gets super delayed, laggy, and thus Flume-esque.

YOUNG BOMBS – XYLØ – America (Young Bombs Remix)
The woman’s soft, floaty voice against the electronic pangs of a keyboard set to that dance party tune? Obsessed.

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For more bumpin’ playlists, check out his page (Music > Mr. Moist Presents)


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