Mr. Moist Presents: Noise Complaints

Cat’s Picks:

FlamingosisFootball Head

I love the calm, beachy musical style of Flamingosis. Kenton and I can’t decide whether to pronounce the name as Flaming-osis or Flamingosis, like the animal. I think it’s the latter. What do you all think? Anyways, this song gets me warm and slow-rockin’ real quick. I wonder why it’s called Football Head. Probably a Hey Arnold! reference.

Trap and BassPremiere: Calvin Hobbes – Pilot [FREE]

This synth-heavy track is a little chaotic, just the way I like songs. It’s kind of got a sort of delayed drop that reminds me of what artists like Alison Wonderland put out.

The ChainsmokersLet You Go ft. Great Good Fine Ok (A-Trak Remix)

Yeah, I actually showed Maddy this song. I love it so much. It’s emotional and nostalgic, though of what memories, I’m still unsure.

KRNEFuck The Summer Up (KRNE Remix)

This dirty song is loaded with synth and has a great build-up.

russliquidRuss Liquid – This is Pretty Cool (feat. Beats Antique, Andrew Block and Eric Vogel)

This song reminds me a little bit of Flying Lotus and Thundercat. Its electronic, playful tune makes me think: bar or nightclub from the late 20th century. Something warpy happens around the 4 minute mark, and I can’t get enough of it.

GOLDWATERPYRMDPLAZA – Dragon (Goldwater flip)

I love this song because of its tiptoeing synth. I know that it’s probably all just created on a computer, but I really feel a human-like quality to the song, probably strengthened by the fact that Goldwater remixed it.


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