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October Music Favorites 2015


“Thank you @hermitude” – catdiggedydog

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Freaky Deaky Halloween

The occasion was Halloween, and the setting, Freaky Deaky Halloween in Bridgeview, IL. The night was cool, but the positive vibes radiating throughout Toyota Park were passionate, kind and warming. It was, in essence, a night to be remembered.  Continue reading

September Favorites 2015



September was an up and down month.

By that, I mean lots of changes took place, and not all of them were positive. September was moving into a new apartment, roaming around campus during Welcome Week, and starting classes after a long summer. Adjusting to a new environment always adds a little bit of stress to your life, and not living around your family is a sudden change that makes you blink in surprise like, wait what?

Still, I have lots of favorites that I want to share with you all.  Continue reading

August Favorites 2015

I spent most of August in China, in a constant state of culture shock and slight discomfort that naturally comes with being somewhere you’re unfamiliar. It was a life-changing trip, and I have a bunch of favorites to share.FullSizeRender 102


So fresh and simple, yet beautifully presented. I kept an open mind and tried anything and everything this past month, because there’s really no better place to try authentic Chinese food than in China. I ate eel, “drunk shrimp”, abalone and more (coming soon on my food blog). I’ll give anything a go before I pass any judgment. Continue reading

July Favorites 2015

IMG_1663New Hair

Over the past year, I dyed my hair a bunch of different colors. By the time I came home for the summer, it was a medium-length cut with light brown ombré ends.

One night I decided to cut my own hair, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off 4-5 inches. My mom also had a pair of thinning scissors, so I used those too. Continue reading