July Favorites 2015

IMG_1663New Hair

Over the past year, I dyed my hair a bunch of different colors. By the time I came home for the summer, it was a medium-length cut with light brown ombré ends.

One night I decided to cut my own hair, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off 4-5 inches. My mom also had a pair of thinning scissors, so I used those too.

I’m very satisfied with the end result! I’m proud that I was able to do this myself, and enjoying short hair for the time being. Change can be scary, but it just takes one moment of courage and a blatant disregard for other people’s opinions to make a positive difference in your life.

FullSizeRender (57)Food

This month, I happened upon the restaurant Saltyard with my friend Josh, and loved it. While it’s pretty expensive, I’m totally down to splurge every once in a while for their delicious food, thoughtful presentation and kind service. You can read the full review on my food blog!

I also pinned down exactly why I love Fellini’s Pizza over lots of other pizza places. Atlanta’s got something special going on. If you ever visit, be sure to give this place a try. Review HERE.


I saw Inside Out with my cousin, and cried.

So sleep really does improve your health, both mental and physical? It gives your body and mind time to recharge and sort out kinks.

I thought about how this movie made me understand my own self a little better. Maybe there are explanations for bad days…but life certainly rights itself.

Oh, and that part when Bing Bong sacrifices himself?? The tears stood in my eyes.

Pixar movies never cease to get me pensive.


My sister brought out a huge box from our basement with a bunch of my favorite books from childhood, so we spent a good half-hour picking out some absolute beloved novels to re-read.

I had a great time immersing myself in the simple language and ambitious plot of My Father’s Dragon. That old cat is so wise, it knew exactly what Elmer’s father needed to bring to Wild Island. So wise.

I also started re-reading the Harry Potter series…I got through the first three books in about a week, so I guess you could say that I’ve again realized how sad I am to be a Muggle.2015-07-30 17.58.29

As I’m reading it for the umpteenth time, but as an older teen, I’m starting to notice JK Rowling’s language and amazing prose in telling stories. She makes every seemingly insignificant detail crucial to the later development of the book. Every character has a backstory and a dynamic array of actions and emotions.

Amazing. Terrific. Can’t say enough good things about her writing.


I first started listening to The Shins in 2012, but rediscovered them again this past month. James Mercer’s voice is soothing and the lyrics are relatable. What can I say? I love singing along to “It’s Only Life”.

Favorite songs: It’s Only Life, Port of Morrow, New Slang, Simple Song, 40 Mark Strasse, No Way Down, Fall of ’82, Australia


I also loved Tame Impala’s newest album, Currents. I wrote a review about them earlier this month, raving about how it was a perfect mix of psychedelic rock and a bit of trap music.

Favorite songs: Love/Paranoia, Past Life, Yes I’m Changing, Nangs.

Read the full review!


Finally, I went to Atlanta’s Mad Decent Block Party, which was freaking amazing. Major Lazer, Zeds Dead, Yellow Claw, Keys N Krates and more. So I’ve been loving that kind of music as of late.

Favorite songs from Major Lazer: anything from Peace Is The Mission, Original Don, Jessica, Get Free, Bubble Butt

Favorite songs from Zeds Dead: You Know, Collapse

Favorite songs from Yellow Claw: Legends, TECHNO, Assets, Slow Down, Till It Hurts, Run Away

Favorite songs from Keys N Krates: Dum Dee Dum, Save Me, Keep It 100, Treat Me Right, Uncle Otis

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