This Kid I Know: David



I first met David in my math class in our spring quarter of freshman year. Prior to that class, I’d heard faint whispers of his name, but it didn’t immediately register with me that this was that David. 

I knew him as the kid who turned in his math quiz with only the front page filled out, and walked out with his headphones trailing behind him on the floor, leaking music. For weeks, we communicated solely with Facebook Messenger emoticons. But after spending a few hours together working on math homework, it was clear to me that there’s a lot more to this kid than I originally thought.

For one, we can relate to each other in a way that most people can’t, because we both understand the struggles of moving off-campus and living in your own space before most of your peers do. One of the reasons I was looking forward to college was because I was excited to experience dorm life, but I also couldn’t wait to move off-campus to have my own kitchen.

David understands the struggles of living off-campus, the hardships of cleaning up after having people over, the maintenance that goes into having your own place and the responsibility you gotta take on if you wanna live in a half-livable space. More importantly, he recognizes the frustration from dealing with people who don’t understand the perils of cleanup and maintenance. Yeeah.

Since I first met him, Dave’s revealed himself as one of the loudest, funniest and most conversational people I know. I still strongly associate him with his purple cast, but a year later, we’re regular cooking buddies and I feel like I can hit him up whenever, whether it’s to go see a movie in Norris or to make a dank meal.

Dave, thanks for showing me HamburgerHelper and for being enthusiastic about cooking. I appreciate it more than you know. The past quarter (and more) has been full of ~laughter and good times~, and I’m excited to ~make more great memories~ this summer!!

A list of David-related things that never fail to crack me up:

  • the voicemails that we leave with each other
  • your impressions of me dancing in the morning on Snapchat
  • the random slang terms that you throw out (‘saul goodmang,’ ‘DIGGY DAWG’)
  • the faces you make when you’re staring off into space

A list of David-related things that never fail to bring a smile to my face:

  • the Facebook notifications that say, ‘David mentioned you in a comment’
  • the recipes we link each other
  • the fact that you enjoy calling people on the phone to communicate with them
  • your light blue sports jersey

A few of my favorite David memories:

  • making pizza
  • watching Major Lazer TV
  • chilling in Coffee Lab doing resume work
  • the time we walked to Fran’s with Gerardo and chilled by the fireplace

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