A loss for words

source: volvulent

I haven’t had anything meaningful to say in a really long time.

Over the past few months, there have been countless times I’ve opened new word docs or started new journal entries, only to stare at a rough draft a few hours later, 70% done, but utterly unmotivated to follow through and polish it for publishing and send it out.

I watched my writing habits steadily dwindle over sophomore year. I convinced myself that spending time with others out and about is always more worthwhile than staying in to work on a project. I miss reading other blogs, engaging with writers, working on my own pieces and the whole blogging process.

I’ve wanted to write about so many things – concerts, restaurants, trips I’ve taken. I spent a four hour plane ride journaling feverishly, only to leave the rough draft sitting in the pages for over two weeks now. The ideas and concepts are there, I’m just struggling to follow through with the writing process.

Over the school year, being involved with a student newspaper has been difficult to balance with blogging. I wrote that being president of The Chronicle felt like the time and effort I put towards the newspaper traded off with what I was willing to put towards blogging. Never Stationary and Cat the Critic got pushed to the wayside as I prioritized academics, friendships and Chicago trips.

I thought I would have more free time during the summer, but having a 9-5 job and working part-time on top of that leaves you with some evenings and weekends free. I have a decent amount of free time, I just choose not to spend it writing.

I can’t really end with a resolving point, because this isn’t much of an issue. I’m in a phase when I’m not actively blogging, and that’s alright. In the meantime, I’m learning and growing in other ways, and when the time comes, it’ll be a matter of actually sitting down, drawing on inspiration and just writing.

Here’s a good song that my friend Gerardo showed me.



  1. melindee

    Hi Catherine,..I can understand where you are coming from. And i identified with many points in your blog. There are times when I feel the need to write what mind is filled with,only to have nothing flow from it to my pen. Actually ypu just don’t know where to start. But eventually you have an epiphany..then voila! Keep at it!

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