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A loss for words

Sophomore Spotlight #6: Taking a break from blogging

source: mikemelrinho

I used to publish 11.6 articles on average every month. The thoughts and ideas came naturally to me, and I had the time to capture and refine them. In the first three months of 2016, however, I put out a total of six articles. What happened? Continue reading

5 pieces of crucial advice for new bloggers

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Follow the ebb and flow of writing.

I don’t think the term writer’s block is accurate, because for me, the desire to write comes in waves, in high tides and low tides. So ride the waves! Don’t ignore your instincts. Continue reading

What Does Writer’s Block Feel Like?

Author sidenote: A return to just plain ol’, creative writing to expand the brain.

Before you get writer’s block, you sit at a computer typing rapidly, ignoring typing errors because you’re afraid to let your mind waver, because you have these ‘firefly moments’ that disappear as quickly as they come. Thoughts are flowing and blood is rushing, and words are appearing on the blank document, regardless of whether or not they are coherent.

Suddenly, your stream of thought is cut short. You blink, and reread what you have just been writing. What does that even mean? What am I writing? What is this?

Writer’s block feels like telling a story and being cut off by a loud horn blast. You forget the point of your whole story, and you just sit there, confused about your next move.

You stand up. You stretch a bit and crack your knuckles. You walk out of the room to grab a glass of water.

Sitting down, you read the last sentence yet again and still nothing comes. Disappointed, you search the internet for “how to break writer’s block.” You might attempt a creative writing exercise or two to break out of this torturous mindset.

You might give up. You might close the document without saving and forget that you ever started writing whatever you were writing before the writer’s block mentally disrupted you.
Or you could power through the writer’s block and continue staring blankly at your screen. You know that eventually your train of thought will return to you.

Maybe some mentally relaxing…dubstep.

Maybe some calming, peaceful…Lil’ Wayne.

Perhaps writer’s block isn’t so bad. It’s not the end of the world. I get it so often, my new habit is to just leave whatever I’m writing until a later date and start a new writing prompt. I come back refreshed, always with a new perspective to lend to my post.