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5 pieces of crucial advice for new bloggers

source: utrippy

Follow the ebb and flow of writing.

I don’t think the term writer’s block is accurate, because for me, the desire to write comes in waves, in high tides and low tides. So ride the waves! Don’t ignore your instincts. Continue reading

4 Fundamental Truths About Writing

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The internet is a classic double-edged sword.

It can be a writer’s best friend, but also his or her mortal enemy. Our saving grace can also be our greatest downfall. I know!

How can a forum that offers up dictionaries, thesauruses, and great literary work ever inhibit your own?

The truth is revealed: the internet stifles individual thought, making you believe that the ability to tell a fantastic story or write a compelling article is somewhere out there, not in here. gestures to self

You’ll go to a webpage before you ever put a pen to paper, your original thoughts tainted as soon as you click on the first link.

What should it be? A mere consultant that you approach after you’ve written your first draft.

Fundamental truth #4: Depending on how and when you use it, the internet can be your friend or your foe.

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Writing Advice: Write Like There’s No Tomorrow

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A piece of advice that I’ve happened upon many times in my internet searches of “how to write blog” can be summed up as “write as much as you can…don’t be afraid of failure or mistakes, otherwise you will never improve…you will never grow.”

I’ve always skimmed over this tip but never given it much thought, always writing for this blog what I thought others would surely enjoy, nothing that would be too risky.

However, I was thinking the other night, and realized this, that

If I’m ever to grow as a writer, I’ve got to embrace the concept of backlash, the prospect of defeat, and the idea of failure. Continue reading