Writing Advice: Write Like There’s No Tomorrow

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A piece of advice that I’ve happened upon many times in my internet searches of “how to write blog” can be summed up as “write as much as you can…don’t be afraid of failure or mistakes, otherwise you will never improve…you will never grow.”

I’ve always skimmed over this tip but never given it much thought, always writing for this blog what I thought others would surely enjoy, nothing that would be too risky.

However, I was thinking the other night, and realized this, that

If I’m ever to grow as a writer, I’ve got to embrace the concept of backlash, the prospect of defeat, and the idea of failure.

No one’s going to willingly come back to my blog if my opinions aren’t presented well enough.

So how does one reach that stage?

One must write as much as possible, spitting out their best attempts and efforts left and right, day in and day out.

I want to be a food critic, but I’m picky about which restaurants to write about. But who expects every single post (especially the first ones) on a food blog to be writer’s gold? I have to devour every restaurant and put my heart into every single post, because it’s the practice itself that creates the habits that will eventually lead to success.

I also want to write music reviews and book reviews, and I feel that it doesn’t matter if a book was awful or an album was meh. That makes the challenge even greater, to pull small tidbits of insight out of what seems totally ordinary.

We have to take chances and have confidence that the mere action of getting our opinions out there will make us better writers in the long run. We have to write even if we might initially think it’s “bad writing” simply because it’s an opportunity to write, and who would ever pass that up??

Who else has thought about this? I’d love to know what you think about it.


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