Admiring Strangers: Youngsters

I sit alone at Panera Bread on a windy Saturday afternoon. I look up and notice a family of 3 sitting close to me, consisting of a mother and her two young boys. My headphones are in and I’m blasting music but the littlest boy looks over at me every ten seconds and mouths something. I just smile back. He is just so cute. I absolutely love young people.

They’re ignorant and innocent; they know relatively little but are entirely content as long as they have something yummy to eat and a toy to love.

I pull out an earbud and listen to the boy’s voice. The spontaneity astounds me; his voice could be extremely shy at some times, and loud and booming the next. His voice is too underdeveloped and high-pitched to be taken seriously.

I fall in love with kids so easily. It seems like their lives are a million times easier than mine, and that my life is a million times easier than an adult’s. I love thinking back to when I was as young as this boy, and about the things I could easily get upset about…

Kids can get upset about the smallest things, and are concerned with the strangest things.

I love how they look up to their parents as if they were Superman and Wonder Woman.

Their bodies are so small, and I love the way it takes five of their fingers to wrap around one of mine, and the way it takes them ten bites to finish what it could take me three.

I love the wide-eyed look that glazes over their eyes when they look around and try to take in a new environment. I love that the bright-eyed expression doesn’t need to be artificially created through makeup.

It’s sad that the possibility of them never being able to do anything bad eventually fades as they get less innocent and more experienced.

I love the way it’s utterly acceptable and totally adorable when they have food on their faces. I love looking at little kids in their puffy jackets in the winter, with their little feet and little hands.

I love how they start off with a clean slate, soft skin, and perfect vision. Their sense have not yet been impaired by late nights, loud music, and their posture hasn’t been destroyed by slouching in front of a computer screen.

I love the way they don’t really care what they wear, and ask questions in all seriousness that can bring tears of laughter to someone else’s eyes.

I love the way they aren’t ashamed of referring to their parents as “mommy” and “daddy”.

I love the way they stutter and repeat what they say and pronounce words wrong.

I love that they are too short to reach door handles and too young to get samples alone in Costco.

I love how they don’t have a reason to worry about what they eat.

I love little kids. They are so full of hope and possibilities.

At least, that’s the way I think kids should be.

I wish they were all like that.


  1. tfaswift

    I like the above comment and I do agree. I’m doing a course right now called Emotional Therapy and it is all about “Inner Child” work where you get in touch with the child within you. According to this therapy, that child never goes away.

    I’ve been practicing it on myself and it’s amazing. Really, I imagine myself as a little girl around 4 or 5 and talk to her and it’s so nice and comforting. Some people find it easier to talk out loud or write it down. I talk silently to her in my head, or I write to her in my (secret) journal.

    That’s a really nice post. Sad about the part where they grow up, and life happens. But I think if we can hold onto that little child inside of us, we can keep some of that childlike wonder and innocence. It doesn’t have to go away. :-)

    Another lovely piece of work.


    • catdiggedydog

      The Emotional Therapy course sounds very interesting! And beneficial too, haha. What does the therapy help you do? Does it make you calmer?
      It’s always nice to have a little piece of your childhood with you always, right? I agree entirely :) Thanks!


      • tfaswift

        Hi there! Not sure if I should use your real name on your blog or not, so for now I won’t, just in case. From my understanding so far, Emotional Therapy (ET) can help with a huge variety of issues including feeling more calm, definitely. It doesn’t deal with addictions or serious mental illness, but otherwise it can benefit anyone. And since feeling calm (or the opposite, e.g. stress or anxiety, are emotions, it could definitely help with that. :-)


        • catdiggedydog

          Oh don’t worry, on my About page I already have said my first name (Catherine).
          Emotional Therapy just sounds like a very beneficial class for inner harmony and peace, which, despite sounding very cheesy and silly, seems like another great way to destress and become an overall more productive and efficient person. :)


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