The Middle of the Night Was Mine

– Patrick Dennis

When the sun is out, the lighting is perfect enough so that you can see those math problems, so that you can see where you are going when you’re running, so that you have enough energy to do your chores, or anything else “productive”.

But if the point of life is to be forever productive, we’re going nowhere, if we follow the conventional idea of productivity. This is the idea of cranking out English essays or making your bed, but excludes periods of time of what I refer to as “personal development.”

Everyone is different and there are actually some people out there that can wake up at 8 am feeling perky and energetic. First, I’m not one of those people. I normally come to school slumped over and communicate mainly in grunts. You’ll find me the most emotionally charged and thoughtful after midnight, in the earliest hours of the morning. It’s personal development in the way that I can go to bed pensive and laden with a case of the feels. 

It’s when I do some of my most honest and down-to-earth writing, after I’ve seen, heard and read anything there is to know on the internet, in reality, and in friend/family life. As a junior in high school, you don’t find as many opportunities as you want to leave the house and rule the night as kids do in movies and TV shows; often I’ll be left at home, exhausted from work but still mentally alive. So I’ll probably be online, lurking somewhere, and then its time where the night owls come out. We creep and congregate, discussing the most serious of issues, however random and disillusioned, but still meaningful. In the daytime, we have our masks, our priorities, and our peers altering the way that we think and act. After hours, we hang up our ties and wash off our makeup, left with our true personalities, surrounded by all of our fears and problems.

So after everyone else seems to have gone to sleep, the right side of my brain starts to wake up. I’m more open to random music, I seem to get the best writing ideas for this blog, and my priorities start to align themselves.

Night owl, for sure.


– inspired by the Daily Prompt

I stayed up pretty late last night, after having finished my debate research around 11. I showered, hunkered down with earphones and a cup of water, and wrote my heart out. Now, I have woken up around 11 am and am writing this post, but somehow it’s already 1:38. Where is the time going?


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